About Shadowclan

Shadowclan began in October 1997 when a handful of players in Ultima Online on the Great Lakes shard decided to take the place of the stupid AI monsters and provide a more intelligent enemy. They were the first Shadowclan Orcs, and lived out of a tent. From the beginning, they roleplayed and stayed in-character as orcs.

Soon after that, Shadowclan moved to the Catskills shard and into the orc fort South of the City of Yew. The clan grew and thus did the intensity at the orc fort.  Battles became commonplace. Other roleplayers flocked to Catskills, and with some publicity, the population of Shadowclan skyrocketed.  For years, the battles at the officially recognized Shadowclan fort  continued all day long, every day.

Today, Shadowclan has brought its unique playstyle to several other games, and will take it to any game where there is enough interest.

What makes Shadowclan so fun?

Thousands of players have been a part of Shadowclan.  Here are some reasons why:

Want more info about us?  Check out an audio interview of Fogroth, a member of Shadowclan, by Fear from Battlevortex.   Or visit our message boards and ask some questions.  Or just dive in and make a Shadowclan character.  Pick the game and location that suits you best from those listed on our main page.

See you in-game!  Hoowah! 

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