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Foundations and Outlines for Shadowclan Branches

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2008 3:35 pm    Post subject: Foundations and Outlines for Shadowclan Branches Reply with quote

NOTE: These rules and outlines may be subject to change at the discretion of the Clan Helm. Always check here for the latest version.

The Clan Helm has gathered together and decreed that Shadowclan will now support three different types of guilds to better serve our playerbase and provide more official options for clomping together with other Shadowclan players.


First off, lets start with the foundations of what it means to be Shadowclan. These are attributes that Shadowclan strives to embody across all of its endeavours.

Having fun - Key to being a Shadowclan member is having fun at what you are doing, without ruining the fun of others. We love to provide people with an enemy they enjoy fighting.

Community & cooperation - Nothing is more important to Shadowclan members than the Shadowclan community itself. Everything is shared and expected to remain within the community as much as possible. Shadowclan combat tactics are often non-conventional and emphasize cooperation rather than individual skill.

Game Friendly - Our storyline and background blend in with game's storyline and background to the highest degree possible. We won't force other players to break character in order to match our own roleplay style. We follow the rules of the game. No cheating, bug exploiting, illegal 3rd party programs, or other violations of the game's Terms of Service are ever allowed.

Combat - If the game supports it, Player versus Player combat, as it fits within our roleplay, is a key part of Shadowclan.

Respect - Shadowclan members are expected to be mature members of the player community, treating fellow players with respect. Members expected to behave in a respectful, mature manner in-game and on the boards

You may notice a suspicious absence of certain key ingredients of what most would consider vital components of Shadowclan. Roleplay, for example. This exclusion should make more sense once you read below about the types of Guilds Shadowclan will support.

Guild Types

There will be three layers of guilds that fall under the Shadowclan umbrella:

Shadowclan Layer - This is the primary and largest layer. This embodies what you expect of Shadowclan. These branches use the the Shadowclan name and meet all additional expectations as follows.

    RP oriented - Pretty self-explanatory. This can be simple or complex. If a proposal with a complex RP concept that works is presented, that's great, but if its something as simple as we're all orcs and we stay in character all the time, that's fine as well. Shadowclan members are required to be in-character at all times while in-game. We specialize in non-human roleplay, especially orcs and other races of similar behavior/mentality. We also tend to try and focus on filling a certain niche in the game rather than attempting to be all-inclusive.

    Open membership - Any player should be able to join the guild as long as they meet the character requirements. There will never be any sort of external requirements for joining Shadowclan (IE, applications, referral by current members, etc).

    Flexible leadership structure - The guild should have an initial setup with multiple leaders (or the means to choose those leaders very soon after guild/game launch). The guild should have means of quickly replacing leaders who go inactive or step down. Leadership chain should be well-defined within the clan (whether those outside the clan understand it or not is irrelevant) and have an adequate distribution of power/responsibility to help alleviate burnout. Though strong Shadowclan leaders often end up developing a Cult of Personality-type following, our structure needs to be flexible enough to withstand any sort of shakeup amongst the leadership.

    Committed characters - While we have open membership, we expect that Shadowclan characters will have been created for Shadowclan, and that those characters will remain part of the Shadowclan guild. This promotes sharing and cooperation between members as they know that aiding their fellow members will be aiding Shadowclan. Characters that become traitors to Shadowclan are treated very poorly, and their players are prohibited from rejoining Shadowclan. Shadowclan members can of course join other guilds with their non-Shadowclan characters.

These branches are THE public face of Shadowclan and are expected to maintain high standards. They are fully supported by Clan Helm and given as much space as they need for webpage and forums. They will be linked to from the front page of our website.

Secondary Guild Layer - These guilds are very similar to THE Shadowclan guilds, but they don't use the Shadowclan name. They are still expected to follow most of the standards as stated above. This would be used if there is a strong contingent of SC players who want to form a guild under the Shadowclan umbrella in addition to the official guild (or the only guild in that game if for some reason no official guild forms). This also allows for more open guild types for groups of Shadowclan players, if they so desire. This branch-type would be expected to meet the same requirements as Official Shadowclan branches, except for the niche-focus (though certainly that would be encouraged). They are also allowed to have more relaxed rules about committed characters and open membership.

These branches are a way to help spread roleplaying, and to also allow an outlet for SC members who aren't interested in the official guild or are burnt out on playing with the official guild and want something a little different. These branches will be supported with more limited webpage and forum space and will be secondarily linked from the frontpage of our website.

Ultra-Casual Layer - This layer would be guilds/groups that are assembled for gathering in non-RP games. Things such as RTSes, FPSes and web-based games. Or MMOs that don't really fit a standard MMO mold (for example, Planetside could fall into this category if noone had a workable RP proposal). These groups will NOT be using the Shadowclan name. Instead they will always use the name, "Clomp!". This signifies that the group has official Shadowclan support and approval from the Helm and gives them a recognizable name that could allow their reputation to carry over from game to game. These groups would ignore the requirements for the Shadowclan and Secondary layers, but are still expected to uphold the requirements outlined in the Foundations section. These groups will all share a single forum and will have minimal, if any, webpage presence.

All three versions of branches will require approval from the Clan Helm before formation.

Multiple Guilds:

With the additional support for RP guilds that don't use the Shadowclan name, there is the possibility of having two approved guilds of SC players in the same game. This will be considered and dealt with on a case by case basis.

Branch Leaders:

The primary purpose of a Branch Leader is to keep the branch they're leading in good standing as a Shadowclan branch. In other words, it's their responsibility to make sure the branch follows the Shadowclan rules, meets the Shadowclan standards, and stays true to the Shadowclan 'vision'.

As part of being a branch leader, the branch leader is given almost absolute authority over the branch. The branch leader can decide how the branch is organized, how the leaders will be selected, even how many of the leaders there will be. If the branch leader decides to share the leading of the branch, this does not necessarily mean that he also shares the authority. The branch leader has the final word, unless someone appeals to the Clan Helm and the Clan Helm sees fit to interfere.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility (and great brainpain!).

Branch Leaders are carefully chosen by the Clan Helm and have demonstrated, usually through long years of previous leadership service, that they 'get' what Shadowclan is about.

Closing Note: Exceptions to these rules are possible, but request for an exception is not guaranteed to be approved and will delay possible Helm Approval

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