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PostPosted: Thu May 08, 2008 3:21 pm    Post subject: The Counsel of the Wise Reply with quote

Elrond Half-Elven paced the floor of the small study room. All around him were great stacks of ancient tomes and scrolls. From without came the sound of low voices from visitors to his great library. Lord Elrond motioned with his hand and Erestor, his chamberlain and one of the other two people in the room, went and closed the door. There was another long silence.

Finally, Elrond stopped pacing and raised his head. He looked long and carefully at the halfling standing somewhat impatiently in front of him.

"Forgive me, Mistress Oddnob, in taking such time as was needed to study the meaning of these things you brought me." Elrond motioned to what looked like an amulet and a skull token on the table. Erestor followed his hand and a look of revulsion crossed the elf's eyes as he regarded the objects.

Elrond began to pace again, more slowly this time, and as he did so, he spoke in a low, but even voice:

"Our enemy has many weapons. Some we know of, others we do not, and of many we have only a little lore. These tokens are ancient but in themselves powerless. They are but vessels for a greater evil. In past ages objects such as these were infused with dark energies and used to control the actions and minds of others. Properly prepared, and in the hands of the most fell, they could rob their target of will and memory and compel them to the foulest and most horrible deeds."

Elrond hesistated a moment, then continued:

"As I said, the amulet and skull are nothing of themselves. But it would take a being of great evil to make use of them in this way. There are few such left in the world. I can provide you some guidance perhaps on where to look, but alas we do not know whom was responsible."

"From what you have told me of your encounters in Ettenmoors, I can say this. The wretched spider you wrenched these from, vile though she may be, is not herself mighty enough to have infused these. Nay, she is a tool of that greater one who remains unknown."

Elrond stopped a moment, then smiled and reached out to pat Oseara's shoulder.

"And yet, I think you have done a great thing by defeating her and obtaining these. From what you told me, you stopped her in the midst of some ritual. That explains much. For in that moment, though I could not know of your brave deed, a mist that had blocked my sight was lifted."

"I will not say more than this: before where all was darkness, now I can sense a small light. Sohay is alive."

Elrond smiled in compassion as he saw the halfling seem to let out a sigh of relief.

'Yes, she is alive. But I sense she is ill at ease and in need of help," said Elrond.

Elrond stopped pacing and looked squarely at Oseara.

"Now we come to it, my friend. I see two things that must be done. First, you must find out who was behind this and why. From what you have said, this Malrador who hired the dwarf Durgi seems to be the link."

Elrond smiled, then continued.

"Here I am glad we have good news. Many around the wide world are loyal friends of Imladris and my house. We believe we have located this Malrador. From what we know, he was a member of a company of men of Gondor, ill-favored deserters, who passed through Bree months ago in search of work as sell-swords. The company moved on, but Malrador stayed. Those in whom I have reason to trust tell me he frequents the ramshackle inn on the East Road they called the Forsaken Inn. It is my counsel that you speak with this Malrador for I deem that with him lies the clues that will lead you to the ones that are responsible for these events."

Elrond continued:

"That brings us to the second task, and I fear the most daunting. If I could not, by my own powers, locate Sohay, it must only mean that she is held by powers under the control of the great evil responsible for this. To free Sohay and cast down these last barriers before my sight, you must defeat the evil purpose behind these barriers. By doing so you can free her completely at last and I can then bring her to freedom."

Elrond looked wearily down at Oseara. In the Half-Elf's eyes was the unspoken question. Would the halfling accept these challenges?

Cemya & Cembrye - SWTOR
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Joined: 22 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:52 am    Post subject: Escape Reply with quote


Back inside the cave, Sohay had not been idle. Slowly and methodically, she began to search the cave again, this time paying special attention to any areas that seemed newer than the rest. At first, her efforts seemed in vain. Then, as she passed near the unconscious body of the goblin she stopped and laughed. She remembered one of her earliest lessons: when matters seem confused often the answer is the most obvious.

The creature had to have had some way to get into this cave himself. And he had clearly not expected his disguise to fail nor for Sohay to have survived his vicious attack.

Sohay bent over and searched the orc. There! Around the vile thing's neck was a chain. And on the chain hung a key!

Quickly she pulled the key chain off the neck of the body. Now she just needed to find what it opened.

She didn't need to. To her surprise, as soon as her hand touched the metal of the key, it began to glow with a soft light. In the dimness, her eyes picked out another small glow coming from a corner near the wall. Of course! There!

Moving closer, she saw that the glow from the key had apparantly caused a small keyhole to appear. She had been over that spot before and had seen nothing. Now she knew why. It was a magic keyhole.

Mouthing a prayer to herself, she put the key in the keyhole and turned.

There was a creaking and grinding noise as a part of the wall began to move. A small opening appeared. Then she felt the rush of air - cool, fresh, clear air from outside.

She stepped into the moonlight in what looked like a small gully. The sounds of night insects seemed like music to her ears after the silence of her imprisonment.

Sohay took a deep breath. She was free.

She did not know where she was now. But somehow she felt the danger had passed. She was her huntress self again.

She must get to Rivendell and tell Lord Elrond what had happened. And thank her hobbit friends, without whose courage the cave may have become her tomb.

There was a mystery here that remained unsolved. But that would have to wait for another day. Sohay knew one thing: whoever had done this to her would pay, somehow, someday.

Cemya & Cembrye - SWTOR
Gobblemoss - Landroval Server, LOTRO
Formerly Cemya and Ehliya, Shadowbane4Lyfe!
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