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Get to it, maggot...

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Joined: 29 Sep 2009
Posts: 167

PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:13 am    Post subject: Get to it, maggot... Reply with quote

In a dark pit somewhere beneath the Iron Hills, the clink of pick-axes can be heard, blending with the harsh laughter of mine guards and the quiet muttering of slaves. The guards tasked to work in this mine are among the cruelest, hand-picked from the legions of Gramsfoot for their malice and poor senses of smell, for they must watch over the least fortunate laborers in the Dark Lord's service: the miners of the great Sulfur Pit of Atagak. The slaves here are stronger than normal miners, and their eyes glow with blasphemous hatred like burning coals; they mine not because the War-Tyrant needs sulfur but because they have somehow angered him. All of them were warriors, once, and many of them hope to be again, once their time in the Pit has passed; that is, of course, assuming they survive it.

At the end of the cave toils one of the few orcs who the constant whipping has not broken. Though his bare back is knotted with whip-scars, he keeps up a constant chatter in a foul pidgin with the other members of his chain gang, and not number of beatings have been able to shut him up. He bears no slave's brands, no markings of past service, save one - across his broad, flat face is the mark of the Shadowclan.

One day, a light comes, flickering down the long black tunnels, sputtering in the fetid air, borne by a messenger from far above.
"You dere, guard," he calls out, "I gots a message from topside!"
"Topside ain't sent a message down here in a month," the guard complains.
"They sent one now, ain't they? It's about the Shadowclan orc, works your chain gang. He's been released, pardoned they say. The winds is changing, topside says, and they want a few orcs what they can trust to serve the Eye keeping all them White Hand types at bay." The orc they are talking about sticks his pickaxe in a crack in the rock and laughs.
"Har! Me gruk dat da Peepur wud led me owt ob heer. Me alweys blah me tu hosh fur da sofa pitz!" The overseer reaches for his whip.
"Quiet, maggot!" he screams, and brings his whip down with a stinging crack across the orc's back. For all the effect he has, he might as well be whipping the stones.
"You cut that out! Says here he's to be released, means he can talk all he wants! Now get the key!" The overseer grimaces and bends down to unlock the grinning slave.

Without warning, the orc grabs his pickaxe, spins, and slams it into the overseer's head. The body falls like a sack of cement, the point of the pick stuck deep in one eye socket.
"Gard wuz skah fur konversayshun aniwey," he says, smiling. "Naw, ged me sum cydur, agh ash shurt. Me alweys gut tu hab hosh shurt." The messenger blinks a few times.
"Um... right. If you'll follow me, please, um..." He trails off at the manic grin on the newly freed orc's face, and heads off swiftly up the tunnel.
"Bedder kal owt da welkum waggin," the orc behind him says with a chuckle. "Shakapon iz bak in da Muurz."

Hoo needz a shurt tu clomp da tarks!
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Gorbag Rotmakr

Joined: 26 Aug 2002
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hoowah! Laughing

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Rotmakr - Mojoka
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Clan Admin

Joined: 30 Jul 2002
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hoowah tu dat!

I recently woke Khargug back up in the Moors. He is also still flagged with the clan which was nice to see.

... and a lot of other names in many games.

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