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A Vision of things to happen?

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Joined: 30 Nov 2010
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Character Skills: Restoration & Lore Keeper

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:36 am    Post subject: A Vision of things to happen? Reply with quote

It was a quiet moon, nothing unordinary about it. Peaceful, relaxing, and a clear sky. These are the type of nights Zugral likes to see every so often, and go to his special spot, to rest and look up. As things progressed, Zugral had a strange vision, of him looking at 4 people, circling him, as he was completing a ritual of some kind. He couldn't make out the faces of the 4 people, or where they were, but he could make himself out, a fadded out circle on the ground, and a strange marking on his hands.

"Me giv tu latz blezzingz uf da futh elementz." The other Zugral said.

"Da sturdy Earth, da swift agh free Wind, da bright agh powerful Fire, agh da cuuling agh protectiv Water. Me wil nuuw konect latz tugether thrugh da meenz uf Life, da force dat inhabitz al livin tingz. Wit diz, latz shal never be alone nub mattr huw far latz am frum ash anuther."

A green energy in the form of a chain shot out of the four, finally going into Zugral, flashed, then disappeared. There was a strange feeling after it, and just as they were getting up, the vision became blured, finally resulting in Zugral waking up, somehow in his personal Library.

The vision had Zugral asking questions that no one could possible answer. "Whu were dem futh peeple, huw am dem part uf diz, agh wat waz wit dat ritual. Sumtin nub feel right, agh iz it guin tu happen." These questions where racing in his mind, going to the point on insnity. A vision was a rare thing for shamans, few get them, and not all are a good thing to be seen. Somehow, Zugral pulled himself back together, wrote down what had just happend, and started to find these people who he would have to deam worthy of the blessings of an individual element, and connect them somehow by their very life energy.

Tu help agh protect da klan.

Zu'Gral - Shadowklan Shaman
Swobu - Lozt Dedkan
Vulkros - Olog Druid
Akamak - Ork Warlock
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