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The rising madness (Whispers continuation)

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:18 pm    Post subject: The rising madness (Whispers continuation) Reply with quote

She made her way back to Orgrimar slowly. Her mind working, gnawing at how to remove the collar. The voices admonished her, screamed at her. The stress of this new thing, this COLLAR adding to her spiraling downward further into her insanity. 'I will kill 'im.' that thought circling in her mind first and foremost..the insanity, the anger building. She walked through the streets knocking people aside heading for where her mounts were stabled. Reaching her destination she motioned for her most vicius mount. The protodrake growled angrily at the stable keeper as he moved to release it from its confines. With a hiss and a roar it stretched wide blue wings then moved towards her. She gathered up its reins and mounted. With a final angry roar the protodrake lept into the air.

She allowed the beast to fly where it wished, as fast as it wanted. The fresh air, free from the stink of the city felt good u upon her skin. Her mind was almost calm till a quick turn of her mount caused her neck to move, the needles sending pain into her and causing a fresh wave of anger to consume her. Snarling to herself she motioned for the drake to head towards Ashenvale, maybe some hunting would help her, and allways the voices whispered at her in that old language.

Some days later she felt she had built up enough of her old walls..they had kept Cryght out and surely a less inteligent orc would be pose even a less threat. In those days her anger grew and she though of many ways to make Zug'Rak pay. She couldn't kill him outright as he carried that still but she could, and did daydream about flaying the skin from his flesh. She learned to move easier..her head kept un-naturaly still, causing others to sometimes stare at her. She kept her hood up hiding what was fastened around her neck. One day she was in Org at the portal masters there and there she saw him...Grot'Mog. She grew soft inside, then filled with unease. She tried to avoid him but he spotted her.
"Me nub peep lat in sum tym." His voice rough as she remembered "Why am lat moobin' lyk dat?".
Keeping her hood up she tried to move more natural she replied hesitantly. " Ssso long my 'unte'. Yess..ssso bussy we bot' become." She hesitated then doing something she was loath to do she spoke." 'elp me..pleasse."
Grot looked at her a scowl on his face. She missed his smile. "Helb lat wif wut?"
She hesitated momentarily before reaching up and slowly lowering her hood. She winced at Grots' snarl of anger as he spied the collar. She met his eyes, shame filled her. To be collared to stand before the one she loved, it tore at her furthering her pain and despare. Reaching out with a low growl Grot put his hands on the metal and tried to pull the collar apart. The needle sharp peices of metal peirced her neck some deeply and blood began to flow from under the collar. She cried out in pain causeing Grot to stop.
"Who put diz on lat?" His voice so angry. She winced from the pain at her neck and at the tone of his voice.
"My 'unte' pleasse, Zug did tiss."
"Nub latz huntr' , Klanz huntr' "..Those words cut her like a physical blow, anger filled her. Her emotions, her mind unstable from all that was happening she retorted back angrily. "Fine do no 'elp me..yu left uss long ago.. I do no need yur 'elp." She moved not caring that the needles dug into flesh once more. Mounting the protodrake she jerked its reins forcing it to jump akwardly into the air. She didn't care were she went just to get away to be alone , to plan.

She found herself nearing Zugs' hut in the barrens. Without even realizing it she had somewhat formed a plan. She always knew were he was with their now multiple links. She blocked her thoughts as well as possible. He was inside, sleeping, drunk or sick, but not in the best shape to stop her. Her drake landed quietly, as well as a large flying beast could and she slid from the saddle to move to the doorway. Raising her hands she cast a spell sending it towards the sleeping form. Zugs' cry of pain was encouraging she moved further inside and began drawing a larger amount of energy shaping it. At this point she did not care what would happen to herself all she wished was to make him remove the thing at her neck.

She had gathered a large amount of energy and turned it to fire when the pain struck her. So much agony moving from within her, outwards hurting as it did so. The energy she had gathered and shaped dispersed into a fading mist around her. Screaming in pain she dropped to the ground. Through tears of pain she could see Zug stagger towards her. He stoped and glared down at her angrily. "Me waz nub goin tu do diz, ubt..." He moved away leaving her lying on the ground still hurting. He looked through a few crates until, with a satisfied grunt he pulled something from one of them. He returned to her carrying the metal wich glowed softly with matching runes as on her collar. Her mind recoiled at the sight of what he carried. Memories she kept long buried rising. Ozmodon, his orc face laughing at her as he chained her hands apart in the cave. The days of no food or water her hands held apart unable to cast a spell to release herself. She moved to bury the thoughts back into the darkness of her mind before she would relive the pain, the disgust of all that had happened. Inside her head the voices began to scream louder, she lay there still helpless as Zug'Rak leaned down over her the shackles in his hand clanking softly.
"Me waz goin tu uz diz fur sumash elz ubt me tink lat neeb it mur." Grinning he fastened them around her wrists, she could sense the magic within them, their magic working against hers to block her casting. She mewled and attempted to move her hands to cast. The movement so limited by the shackles she could not form the necissary motions to release her magic. Her mind recoiled beginning to shut down, she yanked and pulled, trying to force her wrists from out of the metal rings. She cried out begging incoherently. All the while Zug'Rak stood above her watching. "Me towld lat.." Zug turned to leave and shot her one last glance before exiting the hut. She lay there not even aware that he had left her hands worring and prying at the metal around her wrists.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Rulg for another chapter.

Very Happy

Kr agh Fishee greet lats:
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