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The History of Adas

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:13 pm    Post subject: The History of Adas Reply with quote


Biographical information
Homeworld Korriban
Died c. 27,700 BBY
Physical description
Species Sith
Gender Male
Skin color Charcoal
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Pre-Republic era Affiliation Sith Empire

"I do not waste my teachings on the weak."

Adas was King of Korriban and the Sith in a reign that lasted nearly three hundred years. He was large for his species, his skin was unusually charcoal-colored, and he was raised as a chosen being from his youth. Encasing himself in ebon armor, he wielded a massive battle-ax, and became a master of Sith magic. Circa 28,000 BBY, Adas united the disparate nations of Korriban in a series of bloody conflicts, eventually solidifying himself as the sole leader of his people.

The Sith hailed Adas as the Sith'ari, or "Overlord." The commonly held belief was that he was invincible, and that his reign would be eternal. Circa 27,700 BBY, Rakatans from the Infinite Empire arrived on Korriban, and taught Adas how to harness the technology of holocrons. Adas created one of these devices, but soon realized that the new arrivals were attempting to conquer Korriban. He took his battle-ax to the aliens, and with his people at his side, drove them off. In doing so, he lost his life.

Adas's influence, however, would continue for many years following his death. His holocron, lost on Ashas Ree during the Great Hyperspace War, would later be found by fallen Jedi Knight Freedon Nadd, who used Adas's teachings to subjugate and rule Onderon. When that planet cast off the yoke of Sith oppression in 4,000 BBY, the Jedi hid the holocron.

Biography King

"More than twenty-five thousand years ago, the Sith were unified by the long-lived King Adas, who led the revolt against Rakata invaders and subsequently acquired Rakatan technology."
―Seviss Vaa[src]

Korriban, Adas's world.
Adas was born on Korriban at least three thousand years before the formation of the Galactic Republic. Due to the charcoal-colored pigmentation of his skin, which was unusual for the red-skinned Sith, Adas was considered a chosen being, and was raised as such during his youth. As he grew older, he grew to be substantial in size, and displayed great intelligence as well as skill in combat. Adas was also particularly adept in the use of Sith magic. He encased himself in a suit of spiked, ebon armor, and was armed with an oversized, alchemically-forged battle-ax. Circa 28,000 BBY, Adas took his ax to his fellow Sith in a series of brutal conflicts, eventually uniting and consolidating the disparate nations of his homeworld.

In doing so, Adas became the undisputed ruler and King of Korriban. The general perception held by his people was that he would live forever, with a reign eternal, and he came to be revered as a god. Over time, Adas was given the moniker of Sith'ari, meaning "Lord" or "Overlord." He was three hundred years old when Rakatan soldiers of the Infinite Empire moved against Korriban. At first, the aliens taught King Adas how to record his essence into a device called a "holocron," in an attempt to lull the Sith ruler into their confidence. Putting his newfound knowledge to use, Adas created his own holocron, although the device became more a testament to his accomplishments than a teaching device. Eventually, though, the Rakatans were more blatant in their actions, and attempted to conquer the Sith, using their Force-based technology. The Sith were more than able to defend themselves,[5] and Adas, refusing to tolerate their actions even in his advanced age, led his people in the vehement defense of Korriban. He personally participated in the punitive action, driving back the invaders with his massive ax. In the process, he was able to capture the Rakatan starships, and turn them against the invaders. Adas' forces were able to push on from Korriban, and reach Ziost, Malachor V, and Tund. However, in securing what he hoped would be a future of freedom for his people, Adas perished.


Without the stabilizing influence of Adas as King, Korriban once again devolved into a state of constant civil war, with many claiming the title of Sith'ari. As a result, the Sith capital was relocated to Ziost. Almost twenty-one thousand years later, a group of Dark Jedi known as the Exiles landed on Korriban, and subjugated the Sith people with their mastery of the Force, and their superior technology, such as lightsabers. Initially hailed as Jen'jidai, the Exiles managed to destroy Adas's eventual successor of that time period, and were then understood by the Sith people to be gods, more powerful than Adas had ever been. At the time of his death, Adas had given his holocron to his second in command, or "Shadow Hand." The device had been handed down through the generations and was eventually given to the newcomers, who were then hailed as Sith Lords.

Freedon Nadd, who used Adas's teachings to control Onderon.
The Sith Empire thrived for many years, until the Great Hyperspace War of 5,000 BBY, where it was all but destroyed by the Galactic Republic. During that conflict, Adas's holocron was lost on Ashas Ree by the Sith Lord Garu. In 4,400 BBY, it was discovered by the fallen Jedi Freedon Nadd. With the power of Adas's teachings at his disposal, Nadd was able to conquer and subjugate the planet of Onderon. During the Beast Wars, the holocron fell into the hands of Queen Amanoa, wife of King Ommin, who was descended from Nadd. She too studied the ancient Sith's teachings, and eventually passed the device on to her apprentice Novar. Novar, in turn, used the holocron to instruct further Onderonian Sith acolytes. The dictates of the long-dead Sith King kept the planet in an age of darkness, until the Sith hold on the planet was broken by the Jedi during the Second Battle of Onderon.

Personality and Traits

Adas was both a monarch and a god to his people, and during the end of his reign, Adas was given the title of Sith'ari—the perfect being, bestowed upon him by the Force according to legend. A fierce combatant and a respected, though inflexible ruler, Adas was still feared millennia after his death. He preyed on the timid, and was highly derisive of the weak; his essence, recorded in a holocron, would refuse to pass on its teachings to anyone it did not deem worthy. Though his holocron was generally reluctant to pass on instruction, it did have the unusual power to affect the minds of people in its presence when activated. Though initiates such as Novar were granted access to Adas's teachings, the Sith King's essence would threaten anyone who dared to fail him.

Behind the scene

Adas, in holocron form, first appeared in a brief vignette featured in the 1996 sourcebook, Tales of the Jedi Companion, written by George R. Strayton. His role and biography was later expanded in 2006's Evil Never Dies: The Sith Dynasties, written by Abel G. Peña. In that article Adas is identified to have been a member of the Sith species, and to have had interactions with the Rakata introduced in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Adas's character would later further be used and expounded upon in 2007's Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force by Ryder Windham.

Source document:

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I touched up the article a bit to make it more awesome.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cool, thanks

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