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*wakes from a terrible nightmare*

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Joined: 07 Oct 2003
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 6:27 pm    Post subject: *wakes from a terrible nightmare* Reply with quote

I: Awakening

Xavier sat up in his bed and was immediately struck with a mind wrenching pain. "Aarrggh! What in the name of .... !", Xavier screamed. He looked about and was utterly confused by his surroundings. His mind raced. "Where in the hell am I? What manner of place is this, and why am I in such rags?" Xavier attempted to maintain the small bit of sanity that he still possessed, and breathed deeply. His last memories were of speaking with Sir John Lambert, his guildmaster in the Order of the Silver Serpent [OSS]. He had handed John a spear, a very powerful one at that, as a gift. He had mounted his steed and ridden towards Yew that same afternoon. Xavier looked about...

...a note rested on a table at his bedside, appearantly from his nephew:

"Uncle Xavier,

It pains me that it had to come to this, but you left me no other choice. Our battle could have dragged on for eons, were it not for my trusty lance. My deepest apologies for the knot on your head, I'm sure the fall from your steed was a hard one. It's been nearly a month and you've not come to, so I've left your care in the hands of my able servant, Kristina. She is trained in the arts of healing and should be able to nurse you back to health. She will send word to me every third day as to your condition, and I shall be by as often as I can to check on you.

May the Virtues be your guide and blessing


The image of his deceased brother, Tobias Ferro, raced through his mind. The boy, the boy, yes. Chance. The care of Tobias' first born son had been left to the servant, Kristina, upon Tobias' passing. But what manner of battle had ensued between them? Chance could be no more than a teenager, barely a man... and he dared to challenge the likes of a Grandmaster Mage and Scholar? Xavier scratched his battered cranium, pondering what in the name of Brittish had happened.

Xavier finally managed to stand upon his own two legs and fully take in his surroundings... a mountainside out front, the house a moss and ivy covered mess of stone and mud. "Christ, what a dump... I pity the fool who purchased this plot." Xavier stepped to the front door to examine the sign posted on the house:

Owner: Sir Xavier Ferro.

Xavier nearly fell over at the sight. How had he managed to end up in this state? He knew not what lay before him, and he knew not of what had passed save his last meeting with the noble Sir John. The one thing he knew is that he must speak with his nephew...

II: The Truth

Time stood still, or so it seemed to Xavier. He paced throughout the dank enclosure that had appearantly served as his dwelling for quite some time. Strange runic symbols were carved into the walls, the likes of which he had never seen. He had already searched every chest and container in the house for any sign of weaponry, but there were none. Nay a dagger or single nightshade was to be found.

Xavier stopped dead in his tracks. The resonating sound of hooves came from the distance and could be heard closing in. The hooves stopped right outside the front door of the now condemned house. Slowly, the door crept open, and in walked a slight woman. Xavier stared in amazement. She could be no older than twenty-five, dark hair curling up at her shoulders. He recognized the kind smile he now saw before him as that of his Brother's former servant, Kristina.

"M'Lady", Xavier said as he bowed before her. "How goes it this moon?"

"Sir! You are awake!", she exclaimed. "You must sit, you are still in dire need of rest. Come, sit! I was just out gathering some mandrake I needed to finish making a dressing for that nasty wound on your head." Kristina led Xavier over to the bed, where she gently removed the bandages from his rib-cage and the back of his head. Xavier finally felt at ease and began to relax a little. "There. Not much longer and you'll be good as new."

A long Silence passed over them. Neither knew where to begin, Xavier too afraid to ask and Kristina too afraid to tell. A feeling of uneasiness crept over Xavier, and he began to cough violently. He deposited the phlegm into a nearby trash barrel and looked over at Kristina. "What has happened to me? And my Nephew? Has my Brother's passing left him in such a state that he would attack his own Uncle with such malice? How in the name of..."

"Sir there is much to tell, although I cannot explain it all to you. Chance will have to do that." She looked uneasily at the runic carvings in the wall which she had personally tried to destroy at least a hundred times. Every night when the sun set the carvings would glow a deep red, the color of dried blood, and no matter what method of destruction she had tried on them they always reappeared that same moon. Xavier stared ahead and made no reply. The story that was to unfold was more twisted than Xavier could have ever imagined in his wildest dreams...

The former initiate into the Order of the Silver Serpents had been serving as a Priest to the Army of the Undead. His duties did not end there. He had murdered countless common folk in cold blood and with reckless abandon, all in the name of The Lord of Souls, the Guardian. Kristina had no clue how long Xavier had been under the Guardians curse, only that herself and Chance had received no word from him in nearly two years. They guessed it was around that time that he had fallen to the Power of the Guardian.

"One morn Chance rode towards Covetous with the intent to collect some harpy-feathers," Kristina said fatefully. "It was that morn that you two were re-introduced to one another. You, Sir, ambushed your own Nephew on the road just east of here. A long battle ensued, spells flying and steel clashing. Chance was forced to flee from the reach of your spells many times in order to survive. He finally managed to dismount you from your horse, which is where the battle ended."

Xavier rubbed the back of his head and winced while doing so. He tried to conjure any memories of the events Kristina had attempted to explain to him, but it was all a blur. Xavier slowly stood and spoke, "So I am known as a murderer now? *cough* I can hardly believe it all, Kristina. I do nay doubt your tale, but it is so much for me to take in all at once. I have no memory of these things you speak of."

She could see the pain in his eyes, and wished there was something she could do to comfort him. With that thought she sent a pidgeon to Chance about his Uncle's recent improvement. "I have sent word to Chance, I am sure he will be here before nightfall."

Part III: A New Light

The fire had burnt down a bit, which prompted Kristina to toss a few more logs into the fireplace. Her patient, Sir Xavier had been asleep for only a short time when a pidgeon flew into the house. Kristina carefully removed the scroll tied to its leg and released the bird out the window. She carefully unraveled the parchment and read the following:

"My Dear,

I shall be in your presence before nightfall, although not by much. Keep the fire going strong for we will have a long night in the house, no doubt.


She let loose one end of the paper and watched as it coiled back into its original position. The day had already begun to turn to night, and she wondered what had kept Chance so long. A quick glance at the rune laden wall before here changed her wonders to worries, and the young maiden rose to step out for a breath of fresh air. As she opened the door she was greeted with the faint sound of a llama's feet coming from the West. Strang, she thought. It sounded like Chance's ethereal llama, but was coming from the opposite direction that she was expecting him from. The rider drew closer, and there was no question: it was Chance.

"M'Lady, I thought this day would never come," said Chance as he deftly dismounted his ether-llama. The young man removed his cap, took Kristina's hand in his own, and bowed deeply. "I am sorry for any unpercieved delay, but that matters not... where is my Unlce?" Kristina motioned towards the door and both made their way through it. Chance stood before his Uncle and watched him sleep. Perhaps this well go well, he thought to himself. He knelt at his Uncle's bedside, and before him Kristina placed a small table upon which Chance placed his Book Of Chivalry. The young Paladin prayed for a rather lengthy period in a hushed voice that was only heard by Kristina as a mumble. He rose, made the sign of the Ankh across his head, heart and arms and shouted:

"Extermo Vomica! Curse be gone! No more will thy binding darkness blind this man of his true path!"

Nothing happened. Xavier slept on, unaware of the efforts of his Nephew. Chance looked to Kristina with disdain. He quickly flipped the pages of the tome that rested before him on the table and once again raised his voice:

"Despiro Malas! Flee you Evil creature! You shall possess this mans soul no longer! Be gone, back to the pit from wence you came!"

Again, nothing happened. Chance fell to his knees, weeping. His tears were soaked up by the Book of Chivalry. He began to pray in the same hushed tone as before, which grabbed Kristina's attention away from Xavier and towards him. Before her eyes could even reach their intended target they froze. "The wall, the Wall!", she screamed. Chance continued his prayer as if he had not heard her speak, all the while blood poured from the mystic runes carved in the wall. Blood began to pool in the corner and creep across the hard stone floor. For a third time Chance spoke, only this time with utter fury in his voice:

"Abs praetereo deformis Belua! Abs praetereo pessum Sparus! Extermo Despiro Vomica Malas!"*

A cloud of mist and smoke erupted from Xavier's mouth and his body wretched and writhed upon the bed. His once blue eyes became black as coal and rolled back into his head as his muscles contorted and spasmed in a manner that neither Kristina or Chance had ever seen.

[to be continued]

*to anyone whom is schooled in Latin, please forgive my bastardization and misuse of it, thank you.

[to be continued]

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Joined: 07 Mar 2003
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2003 1:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excellent story! Feel free to post more here!
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Joined: 21 Aug 2002
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2003 4:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

*grabs a dripping sack of llama entrails and sits by the fire waiting for the story to continue*

*slurp, munch*

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Joined: 07 Mar 2013
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This story was started in an attempt to explain how Sir Xavier Ferro of [UND] would eventually turn "good guy". He was originally created for the short-lived faction guild Order of the Silver Serpent [OSS] (the "Sir" was a naming requirement for joining), but after that guild failed/left Siege he became an Undead Magi. Upon my return to UO after the Age of Shadows I no longer had it in me to be a player killer and instead desired to fight on the Anti PK side of things. Sir Xavier Ferro would eventually end up joining Py Lethius's Knights of the Silver Serpent [KSS].

I only wished I had finished this tale... and even moreso I wish that I still had the desire and inspiration to write tales like this.

Chance, Siege Perilous player of:

Cubub [Orc] (Zerk'r)
Cub'dub [Orc] (Bubhosh Hammurbang'r, Walk'r (?))
Sir Xavier Ferro [OSS], [UND], [KSS]
Chance [KSS]
Capo Ferro [unguilded GM Tailor/Fencer]

Chance - A lot of different Orcs over the years, mostly Cubub, Kubub, or some variation thereof
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