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Age of Wushu, revisited

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Joined: 30 Jul 2002
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 1:59 pm    Post subject: Age of Wushu, revisited Reply with quote

Some of you joined me a little over a year ago when Age of Wushu was released with it's US version. We had some fun for a while, but for various reasons, slowly dropped out of it. Now after more than a year of updates I tried it out again, and I'm loving it much more than I did before, so I thought it warranted a new post here. Razz

AoW is an open world Chinese Martial Arts full PvP MMO, with many very unique features. It is heavily PvP based, including a warning when you log in that it is an open PvP world. The penalties associated with random murder prevent most trollish behavior, but you can and eventually will be attacked anywhere in the world, and many many activities have PvP elements at least somewhat incorporated. A few of the key features for AoW:

- Passive time based skill progression. No grinding mobs or running quests for character progression. Set a skill to train and go about your business.

- Tons of scheduled events. So many events going on that I'm still learning about some of them. Things where you know if you show up at a certain time on a certain day, there will be a bunch of people competing or working together on some special task. 45 minutes from the moment I'm typing this, a tornado is going to hit the northern desert and unearth buried treasure chests, and many people will show up, get tossed around by tornadoes trying to reach the chests and defeat the desert bandits also trying to get them. An hour after that, two of the eight major martial arts schools will have their libraries exposed, and the rest of the world will attempt to steal books and return them to their own schools, while members of the exposed school defend their books. Immediately after that, a rare herb will grow in a remote area, that you can transport (forced on foot) to a certain medical faction for a valuable reward, but are free to be attacked by anybody along the way and have your herb stolen. It goes on and on, from daily events, weekly events, monthly events, to random events.

- Extensive player run economy. Gear is crafted, and skill books are obtained by players from various sources and traded on the market. Crafting is an important part of the world, and there are a lot of things to craft.

- Countless styles and character builds. There are 8 major schools, each with their own sets of martial arts, and another 6 factions with their own styles, as well as many many unaffiliated martial arts techniques that can be collected from various sources. They're not all equal, some are clearly more powerful than others, but there's so many at various levels of power and rarity that the amount of options available to your character at any stage of the game are incredibly impressive. Currently, I've left my original school, the Tangmen, and joined a secret faction to use their unique skill set, Seven Techniques of the Flower Goddess (though I still use some of my old school set Golden Snake Sting style) but I also have been using the rare unaffiliated style of Flying Snow Palm, by collecting ruined books from various sources and splicing them together into skill books.

- Very impressive PvP mechanics. It's not entirely twitch based (though in the more hardcore levels of the game people talk about the advantages of ping and etc, personally I'm nowhere near the level of competition for it to matter) but it's also far from button mashing. You really do need to watch your opponent and constantly adjust to what they're doing, and there's lots of times where the two of you are just circling each other waiting for the other to make a move, as mindlessly spamming attacks will get you killed fast. In China, where this game is a massive phenomenon, there are televised PvP tournaments.

What's new that's made it worth revisiting?

- Server population is far far lower than last year, and this has many effects. For one, there's a lot more breathing room during events. Lower levels have a chance now. Last year, only the top percent could successfully participate in most events. When I returned, I was pretty far behind the power curve, but I've been able to more consistently participate in events now than I could before, even though I was pretty close to the top then. Fighting over harvesting resources is reduced, and random idiocy is reduced. Population is a lot more friendly. Of course there are some negatives, some events are near impossible as there's not enough people for them, but overall I'd call the lower population a good thing.

- Although the power ceiling is higher now than it was a year ago, it's actually easier now to come in fresh and catch up. New factions, which are alternatives to the 8 major schools, offer side methods of progression, as well as an actual way of playing entirely schooless. The Vagrants, those who choose not to join any school or faction, actually get their own styles, which are pretty good. Some of the factions are very easy to join, and offer skillsets that are easier to advance to higher levels than the school sets. The Xu Family seems tailored to helping new players catch up, as they regularly give you pills that speed up training as part of your daily tasks, and while their skills start out fairly weak, they have unusually high level caps so you can keep progressing in the same set without having to switch. Finally, with a little help from a veteran, you could probably be eligible to join one of the three secret factions within a matter of days, which would give you their skill sets, which are on par with the current top generation. I suspect that with a bit of start up financial help from a veteran, a new player could join my secret faction within a week, and it would take less than a month from there to get the same core skills my character of many months uses now, and my faction is notoriously slow to progress in; there's a different secret faction that I think would be even faster.

What's wrong with it?

- It is free to play technically. You can at least fully try it out for free. The benefits for the premium membership (costs $9 a month) are pretty extensive though, and anybody who really wants to play the game really should get it.

- Some of the translation is hilariously terrible, to the point of some quests are almost impossible to complete without looking up help on the forums or asking, because they just don't make sense. They're not even consistent within the game, the same thing may be called 5 different things in different places.

- There are quite a few bugs. I don't find any of them game breaking and I'm pretty used to them, but there's some pretty wonky aspects. NPC line of sight takes some getting used to, though it's better than last year. If a boss loses sight of its target, it returns to its spawn and fully heals. It used to be that standing on the wrong shade of carpet might make the boss lose sight. Smile It's much better now, usually some sort of rock is at least required to get in the way. You get used to it. Razz

- There's a significant amount of real world cash use going on. This really bothers some people. I'm personally ok with how it works in AoW. The stuff people buy with real money isn't really more powerful than the stuff you get naturally, it's usually just for the sake of style, like the flaming sword style. Also, all this stuff is very available to normal people, because one of the most common reasons people buy cash market stuff, is to sell it in game for game money. You can buy game money directly but I guess you get better returns selling the cash store items. So if there's a cash store style set you really want, you can probably still get it with in game money. The main advantage cash payers get, is simply getting game money they can use to get the more rare styles and such off the market and advance faster, but really since we're behind the curve already, it doesn't much matter to me if a few extra people are ahead of me illegitimately. Not to mention I'm good with markets, so I tend to make as much or more money as them without using the cash shop. Smile

It's tornado time, I have more to say but it'll have to wait. I have treasure to dig up!

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Joined: 30 Jul 2002
Posts: 3801
Character Skills: Rambling

PostPosted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 1:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Guild Stuff-

Currently, I'm a member of the two person guild Aeterna, along with Infinitesimal who posted below this, and whom I played with last year. Razz The other day I was joking around about a guild theme that would be funny if we got Shadowclan to do it with us, and that got us talking about seeing if any Shadowclan want to play in general. We could use a little company, and it would be fun helping some new players up through all the new content that wasn't there when we started.

Any Shadowclan who feel like playing AoW can come join us and both myself and Inf will help you get your feet wet. If enough join we could talk about building some sort of actual guild theme.

joke theme-

The guild theme I mentioned probably isn't entirely Shadowclan appropriate unfortunately, though the mechanics behind it would have been perfect for us, and it would have been pretty unique. I'll describe it anyway, just because I think it's funny, and it's an example of how different AoW is. It centers on two of the Secret Factions, the Rootless, and the Palace of Shifting Flowers.

Palace of Shifting Flowers is the faction I belong to right now. It's female only, and its theme is pretty much man hating and vigilante justice. Rootless is male only, and all members have to be castrated. That's an actual thing. If you're a castrated male, you're not very welcome in most of the other factions, so it's a big decision to do it. It CAN be reversed, by a Shen faction top 10 medical expert, but only once in your character's life, so it's one of the only ways you can permanently damage your character. The thing here is, five rootless members can get together and activate a special Rootless only array, that allows them to immobilize a target for two minutes. They must maintain the array for those two minutes, and the victim has that time to call for help. If the array is maintained for two minutes, they forcefully castrate the target. Getting 5 rootless together to castrate people is incredibly rare (I've never actually heard of it happening) but it does exist in the world.

The idea was that it's been a long time since SC could effectively demand tribute. This group could roam around and target people for castration, and demand tribute to be let out of the array. We'd have a full two minutes to demand the tribute and for them to consider it, without fighting or running away as an issue. The Shifting Flowers girls would be delighted at the idea of destroying manhood, and would be the guards for the rootless while they performed the ritual.

Like I said, not particularly appropriate for us, I can't imagine a Shadowclan website description that says "we run around castrating people", but the mechanics would have been perfect. Razz Anyway I just had to mention that.

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Joined: 06 Dec 2013
Posts: 55

PostPosted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Speaking of Age of Wushu, I'd like to share this Video that I found recently with all of you.

I hope some of you get some laughs out of it. Razz It shall imbue you with the spirit of Wushu.

On a more serious note we are currently in the process of obtaining a Guild Base in Age of Wushu to call home. /Excited

Update:Seems that work went down the drain, so no base for now.

It also seems we don't have anyone who's interested in Wushu here Sad Was worth a shot I suppose.

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