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WoW Moonguard: Gangs of Orgrimmar Plotline

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PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2015 12:19 pm    Post subject: WoW Moonguard: Gangs of Orgrimmar Plotline Reply with quote

So a while ago I took Xulk out of Buurz'Clan and transferred him over to Moonguard, where I eventually took over a guild called Shadowmoon Dominion. In Shadowmoon Dominion, I've been trying to do a lot of what I felt was the spirit of shadowclan, but stripped down, without the blah, and without a lot of restrictions.

But that's not why I'm posting here. I have started to run a tuesday night plotline using a /roll system I got from an allied guild. Basically I've been running a tabletop game / larp in game, using in game dice rules to determine the results of player actions.

The current plot is called the Gangs of Orgrimmar, and is inspired by Gangs of New York, The Warriors, and Mad Max. It is about different gangs struggling to control the criminal underworld of Orgrimmar after the conclusion of the horde's recent civil war. Players then take on the role of outside groups muscling in to try to cut a piece for themselves.

I set up a tumblr that has information on what has occurred so far at

The last event ended in a riot after the Burning Blade Gang blew up a member of the Free Peon movement in a rather brutal fashion, causing the Free Peons to declare war on the Burning Blade. The Burning Blade / Free Peon conflict is central to the story for the next few weeks, as the players try to either resolve the fighting, or use the conflict to further their own agenda.

What I'm wanting to do though is make the plotline live and breath outside of the tuesday night event nights. I need volunteers to play Free Peons and Burning Blade gangsters, and to just roleplay with people throughout orgrimmar.

I've got an alt guild set up called Gangs of Orgrimmar, which labels people as members of different gangs by their guild rank. I would suggest anyone getting involved either getting the addon MRP or TRP 2 to help fill out a profile for your character, and to be able to read other peoples profiles.

Conflict between gangsters and normal players should generally use a /roll system, where the higher roll determines success or failure in an attack or defense.

If you want to join up, either as an npc, or get involved as a player in the plotline, you can leave a message either on the boards, or contact me as Xulk or Defkrosh in game.

Wow- Xulk, Zahblug, Zaztrick
UO - Zatush, Buurz'Spitt
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