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Why not play on Siege Perilous with Me?

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:42 pm    Post subject: Why not play on Siege Perilous with Me? Reply with quote

First of all I want to say that there have been changes on the origin store that allow purchase of things like character tokens on siege. There are new changes to siege coming that I read about on another forum. They seem like great changes and with people being able to buy tokens and other things on siege and also the new changes it seems to likely cause higher population on that server if they can just get the word out to other players on other shards that may be oblivious to it even existing and hopefully they do away with the 1month playtime requirement to join the shard. There is a decent population right now and I run into quite a few players and most of them are friendly and not random PKs. That can also be because im a mage tamer and they dont want to provoke me. I wanted to ask why don't shadowclan seem to care that angel island is a temporary server and could be shut down anytime? You would then lose all your achievement as far as gold and property in the game. Thats why I don't play with you on Angel. I stayed on siege and now I play a mage tamer on there because I didnt have other orcs to play with. I would switch to my other account and activate it if i can find some people to play with at the Yew orc fort. Thats where I like to be when I'm playing. Its where I played with you years ago on catskills and ive never played with you on siege. Ill never play on a free server because I dont want to lose my property and character. Who wants to play with me on Siege Perilous? Sorry no ICQ number on my profile yet. I need to download it. Also, I was wondering if the clan has thought about allowing gargoyles into it? I realize that they would need to be in character and the solution to that would be to just have them speak orcish because that makes sense from a RP perspective. I think its a great idea. It would give current members the ability to have an alt thats a gargoyle also and the gargoyle speaks orcish because they are in the clan and dont lead it so they speak orcish. So noone would need to learn to speak another language. UO on siege perilous specifically continues to be my game of choice. I'm going to get ICQ and then I'll be available for whoever wants to play on there.
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