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Warrior lore

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Joined: 02 Mar 2003
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 2:26 pm    Post subject: Warrior lore Reply with quote

The warrior bloodline has been through several changes since I originally drew up the concept several months ago. There have been some wholesale changes to the lore, as well as some new elements that I hope will enhance the roleplay and cultural background for any warrior who wishes to follow the path of Urukhu.

I have finally found all of the shrine locations for the Urukhu disciplines, as well as developed the rituals for the bludrank ceremonies.

During this time I have been trying to guage the feedback from what I have instated so far, and work through any changes I needed to make. Even though a couple of people have disagreed with my methods and vision for the bloodline, I have still listened to their words and considered them fairly.

What I have done is link the 4 disciplines of Urukhu to the 4 elements of shamanistic magic. In theory, warriors get their powers from the magic of the elements in the same way that shamans do but they use it differently.

To explain this I have created the mythical orc warrior Shog'ruk, who was an undefeatable Wargoth of the Shadowmoon clan, and who decided he would challenge the four elemental lords in order to

A) Relieve his boredom and
B) Teach the high and mighty shamans a lesson in humility

I have stories written and more in the process that tell the legends of Shog'ruk and how he clomped each of the elemental goths and took from them some of their magic. He then passed this magic and it's knowledge on to the rest of the warriors of the Shadowmoon clan. This knowledge is what forms the basis for the Urukhu traditions, and each of the virtues is represented by one of the four elements.

The Elemental Goths are

Gorguthrz, a massive red dragon that lived in the caverns of flame at the heart of the earth. From him Shog'ruk took the knowledge of Kihagh and the fury of fire. Using this power, Clomp'rz can tap into the primal rage and fury of the earth itself and accomplish amazing feats of fury and power.
The weapon that represents Kihagh is the Lusk.
Berzeker stance is the prefered fighting stance for warriors who hold Kihag as the highest trait.

Bagronk, a living mountain and the largest giant to ever walk the uzg. From Bagronk Shog took the power of Ogba and the strength of the earth. Using the brutality of Ogba, Orc Clompr'z can draw strength from the earth and use it to enhance their own strength in battle or protect them.
The weapons of Ogba are the womp and the fist. Shields are also a symbol of Ogba.
Defensive stance is the prefered fighting stance for those who hold Ogba as the highest discipline.

Slashgaz, the demon shark and the terror of the seas. From the goth of the water Shog took the magic of Iggju, quickness and cunning. From iggju Clomp'rz draw upon the fluidity and adaptability of water. From the furious assault of a tidal wave, to the everchanging swift currents of a mighty river, the clomp'rz measurement of skill is derived from this element.
The Kigg is the weapon to represent Iggju, a weapon that requires great skill and ability to use.
Battle stance is the prefered stance for those who hold Iggju as the highest discipline as it is the most adaptable and versatile.

Bludtalon, the giant eagle and goth of the skies. Shog'ruk never clomped this mighty bird. After seeing the power that Shog had taken from the other elemental goths, Bludtalon decided to gift Shog with the knowledge of Hakul, Honor. With this gift the wise eagle knew that Shog'ruk and his clomp'rz would never abuse the powers they now held. There are no quests or ranks for the discipline of Hakul, as every Orcs definition of honor cannot be measured by their deeds.
The zult is the weapon to represent Hakul.
There i no fighting stance to represent Hakul, as honor is something that can be displayed by one's fighting style.

*Note that the preferred weapon does not mean that if you hold this discipline highest that you must use the preferred weapon. It is merely a symbol. The same is true for stances.*

I am of the belief that the shamanistic traditions and culture of the orcs before their corruption by Gul'dan and the Shadow Council were an integral part of the old clans. Nature and it's magic were very prevelant and respected by all the bloodlines, but only the shamans had the ability to interact directly with the spirits of the earth.

In Shog'ruk's story he becomes embroiled in an argument with the clan's oldest shaman over which is stronger, strength and skill, or shaman mojo. In the end he sets off on his quest to prove the shaman wrong and to seek a worthy challenge.
His ensuing adventures spanned many years and many more tales. During his travels Shog ventured from the center of the earth all the way to the moon, and all the stories that are written or will be written are designed to teach a lesson or make a strong point.

In the future I plan to integrate stories of our own living Clomp'rs into the book of tales as well. The stories given to me by the clan's clomp'rz will become the next chapter of legends, and their deeds will be honored and spoken of at future Clomp'r gatherings.

This way I believe every warrior will have an opportunity to make his mark on the bloodline. My highest hope has been to create a background that we can have fun with and continue to develop.

I value everyone's ideas and comments concerning our class, and even if you have disagreed with me in the past please know that I have still listened to your words and have taken everyone's feelings and thoughts seriously.

All clomp'rs have a place where they can fit inside this lore. Some warriors will hold differant disciplines in higher regard, and I hope to see duels between clomp'rs proving that their style and discipline is the stronger. Some warriors will strive for friendly rivalries with clan shamans over what is more powerful and who are the true protectors of the clan.

This is all done to simply provide a deeper roleplaying atmosphere to the bloodline. If clomping and cidur drinking are what matters to your orc, then Maybe his first bludrank of Gu will be enough for him as Kihag is the easiest discipline for any orc to grasp. This is entirely up to the warrior in question. And while I may encourage someone to increase their bludrank, I will never try and force someone to or belittle them for not wanting to. That is not what this is about.

I know that I cannot please everyone with my decisions and my vision, but the clan leaders have entrusted me with the development of our bloodline and this is how I have begun the process. I welcome everyone's input and I hope we can work together to make our bloodline as fun to play as possible.


WAR: Grimskar (Black Orc), Snagrat (Shaman)
AoC: Kturu, Chieftan
EVE: Hrai
WoW: Vulg, Retired Ghaashblud Nob
Shadowbane: Diahb Rhu'khan, Khal'usht
UO CATSKILLS: Vulg'Ruk, Rabid Howlin Skullz Womp'r
DAoC: Vulg Blakfist
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Joined: 30 Mar 2010
Posts: 19
Character Skills: Sknr / Leddurwurkin

PostPosted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like it, one idea/ suggestion that you can take or leave. Although warriors are fond of using the zult--shaman cannot. What would you think of the weapon representing Hakul being the Stik? It might explain why shaman do not use the zult.

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Joined: 17 May 2010
Posts: 1110

PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Me am mad shaman dat dem clomp'rz tink uz shaman kan nub klomp! Dey blah agh blah dat uz act hosh agh mighty, but dem du da sym ting in a klomp! Uz shaman kan klomp juzt uz as hosh az dem!

OOC: Maybe I misread something, but that whole "warriors use the elements, but for meleeing instead of casting" thing you described is enhancement shaman in a nutshell.

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Joined: 30 Mar 2010
Posts: 19
Character Skills: Sknr / Leddurwurkin

PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hmm... me rereed dis agh wunder wut dis iz... Id nub nu tryb, sinz trybz nub suppoz tu be onli ash class. Su id maybi fur roleplatin Clomp'rz? Why must de Clomp'rz be aganzt us Shamanz? "Teech hi agh miyti shamun a lezzun"? Me nub need agh lezzun frum a clomp'r agh nub "hi ahg miyti" unlezz dat meen me "hi" on da cydur agh "miyti" in baddelin Klan enumeez.

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