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ogur and the human

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 4:30 pm    Post subject: ogur and the human Reply with quote

Slobber was drooling haphazardly from the side of his cake-hole.
(If orcs can smile)ogur was indeed, grinning the grin of anticipation of something very violent about to happen that he knew was going to be good.

He took a step towards the horse. The horse rather gingerly took a step forward, staying well clear of the creature that was clearly not the humans that took care of it.

"AaaaAaAAaAGGggggGGggGgHH! Cor, me armmmmm!"

The humans eyes began to get that desperate look of fear, eyes that knew his life was well and truly over.

"Look ye bloody spawn of a Minoc whooooaoooaAAAaAAaAAAGgGgGH!"

The first step the horse took was to give the human only a very, very small taste of how bad this was going to be. The second step drew the human into momentary unconcsciousness as the rope grew taught and there was a loud "pop" from the vicinity of his shoulder. The ropes surrounding his torso was really the only thing keeping him inert on the boulder he was tied to.

"ogur tu gruk dat oomie tu gruk dat der am manee shiniez tu be uruks ad stinky humie bank in Pew. Yub, oomie bedder mak-r negst blah blah "YUB!? agh nub blah aneeting bud "YUB".

ogur felt pretty clever for such an ingenious new way to torture humans. What he, in fact, didn't admit to himself was that he had stolen the idea from Rotgut the Mojoka. Substitute boulder for mojo krimping, substitute Rotguts magic for the rope, and many more targets than just the arm that ogur targetted, you get the idea......

ogur looked at the horse, and even more spittum poured out. "Fud......" he muttered, almost mesmerized.

The human hung quite piteously on the boulder, the pain of the taught rope making it nearly impossible for the him to focus on anything coherently.
If he knew nothing else, he knew that nothing was worth the pain of getting ones arm ripped off. He began to speak......

"Cursed orc, ye have bested me and surely I will share with thee all that thine might wish to procure to insure a successfull"

ogur looked at the horse, and lost all control. Nothing else mattered! FUD!

"FUuUuUUuUuD!!!!" He raced towards the horse with total orc abandon, readying his bow, and in the process, completely forgetting the human with his arm tied to the rope tied to the horse.

(If orcs could smile)ogur definitely would not be smiling at what he had just done, had he been smart enough to realize it.

(If orcs can smile)The orcs of the fort went about the chores of another day. The mak-rs were mak-ring, the gruntees were fighting each other (like good gruntees should), the mojokas were doing whaterever the hell they do.
But every last one grinned a grin to themselves, and were happier for a moment, as the humans gluttural death screams echoed through the forest and rebounded off the walls of the ancient and battle-scarred wood of the orc fort.

If orcs can smile, they were.

"Give me the eyes that I might see
We are the enemy."
- Snog
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Joined: 20 Aug 2002
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PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2008 10:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Keeping the spirit alive !!!

Xul da Mighty!!
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

oomies mak'r bubhosh fuud tu!

bud id beddur fur stoo dan frezh meets lyke dem ridin fuuds.

Leafcutter Family - Battlemaster
Slobb'r- Angel Island (retired)
Girm'luhk, Lister, Ooj'k, Abigail Graves - Siege Perilous (retired)
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