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Shadowclan Greenskin Branch Info

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 3:49 pm    Post subject: Shadowclan Greenskin Branch Info Reply with quote


Guild concept: Greenskin-only

Server Choice: Badlands

Branch Leader: Kurghaash

Da Biggust Boss: Grubdug

Branch Website: Shadowclan Greenskins

    * 3/31 - Clan reformed on Phoenix Throne
    * 4/9 - Shadowclan has joined the Unusual Allies alliance
    * 4/13 - Shadowclan is now rank 24
    * 4/20 - Alliance renamed to Iron Council
    * 5/9 - Nuzzgrund promoted to Waaagh! Boss
    * 5/9 - Guild taxes raised to 50% (to help support Nuzzgrund's love of shiny things)
    * 6/23 - Land of the Dead opens
    * 7/31 - Shadowclan reaches guild rank 29 (transit to Bastion Stairs now available)
    * 12/2 - Shadowclan moves to Badlands server
    * 12/22 - Grubdug promoted to Waaagh! Boss
    * 1/15/10 - Grubdug becomes Da Biggust Boss

Requirements for Joining: Greenskin character, an appropriate name and a willingness to roleplay. Anyone who meets the above requirements and who is also under rank 11 can be invited by any Shadowclan member of rank Gob / Big 'Un or higher. If the character is over rank 11, they will need to be approved and invited by a Boss.

How to invite a new member: If you are rank Gob / Big 'Un or higher, you have the power and responsibility to invite new members into the guild. If they are over rank 11, they will need approval from a Boss. Otherwise, just make sure that their character is a Greenskin and that their name seems acceptable. They aren't required to know all of the Shadowclan rules before joining. However, as you invite them, you should make sure to let them know about the three rules listed below. You can right-click on their name in a chat window to offer a guild invite.

Three things every Dum Git should know:
    * Armor should be dyed Snot Green and Snot Green only
    * Never, ever speak out of character except for private tells
    * No riding mounts until you are promoted to Runtee


Boss Listing (info about Boss ranks)
    Big Bosses: Hurchug, Mooghy

    Waaagh! Bosses: Nuzzgrund

    Clan Mak'rs: Hurchug (Apothecary), Pok (Cultivating). (note:Hoargrak is currently the unofficial Talisman Maker)

Gangz Listing and their Bosses (info about gangz)
    Major Gangz:

    Minor Gangz:

    Gangz in formation process:

Eligible Standard Bearers (more info)
    * Grubdug
    * Nuzzgrund
    * Grakhoar

Alliance Info
Shadowclan is currently in an alliance with several other guilds. Alliance forums can be found at

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