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Hoshu, Fugru Quest

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:07 am    Post subject: Hoshu, Fugru Quest Reply with quote

Hoshu had finally bribed and Zul with enough shiniez and gifts to finally grant him his Shadowquest. The two met in Orgrimmar where Zul instructed him to strip down and leave his things in the city. He was to then acquire new armor and to also acquire his lucky charm. Taking a pull from his rum bottle, he quickly sauntered out of the cities lights.

How would he best go about this task? Hoshu ventured out to a lone tent in the barrens to meditate. He arrived soon after leaving Orgrimmar. Hoshu then sat to think before he ventured to far out. How would he best acquire his new armor and weapons? The lucky charm would of course, just fall into his lap he figured so the gear was his first concern. While he sat and thought, an idea for armor hit him like a bolt of lightning. Tying his rum bottle to his waist, he mounted up and headed north to Warsong Gulch.

Hoshu spent several days hiding out in the battleuzgz to acquire the necessary armor for finding his lucky charm. As he headed out toward the Silithus Hives, he noticed a wanted poster.

Now that Hoshu had finally acquired all of his items, he was ready to start looking for his lucky charm. Seeking seclusion to think, Hoshu ventured to the Stonetalon Mountains to find the solitude to think. He arrived at the newly formed Horde camp and sat to think. The journey itself to get the equipment had been hard enough. He had been lucky he had come out alive. Prying the lid off of his rum bottle, he realized the one constant that had maintained itself throughout his whole ordeal. He was drunk, and he had been drinking from the same bottle for nearly as he could remember. Hoshu gazed at the rum bottle. Nothing seemed different about it other than the worn grooves from Hoshu's own paws. He had acquired this upon joining Shadowclan, a gift from his cousin Bagru. Hoshu then shrugged and set the bottle aside for the night. As he lay down, he began to itch. "De Skah!?" he thought aloud. Before he realized it he was covered in ants. Hoshu quickly summoned his bear form and dashed for the creek outside of the camp.
Shaking off the moisture, Hoshu reached for his rum bottle at his hip. It was gone! He hadn't slung it from his hip before he had passed out the night before. Quickly, the troll galloped back to where the bottle lay and snatched it up. "Diz olog nah gunna leev ya agin!" Hoshu then tied the bottle to his waist and headed back toward Orgrimmar. His trip was coming to a close and he sent out gobo mail to call in loans he had lent. He would soon need a large bribe!

*burp!* Woohah!

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