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Mulnuk's Background-Buuurrrrzzzzz

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 3:04 pm    Post subject: Mulnuk's Background-Buuurrrrzzzzz Reply with quote


In a dark corner of the tavern, in a town of no importance, sat a large shadow of an orc He slowly drank from an ale cup as his eyes peered out over the patrons. The place was full of some of the lowest of the criminal elements of society. So no one paid much mind to the imposing figure watching them closely.

A few hours had passed by when a Tauren named Brokehoof entered the bar. The cow was loud and bossy. Pushing through the crowd and stomping on people in his way. Everyone knew who Brokehoof was. He was a slayer of many Alliance and Horde alike. A self proclaimed killer of all that dare to challenge him. The leader of a clan of Tauren that had no respect for anyone but themselves. Just the type Mulnuk was looking for.

For a long time the darkness had called to Mulnuk. Whispering to him that power will be gained by killing others with power. Mulnuk gave into the desire because he seeked power. Only by killing the powerful does Mulnuk's mojo get more powerful. he feels that every time he kills he gains the power of his prey. And then he uses this to feed the darkness. Brokehoof was just another mark that was going to be fed to the darkness in Mulnuk's heart.

Mulnuk step up from the table and drew his lusks....


Mulnuk is a shaman in the Shadowclan horde. He seeks power by killing off others that have power. The darkness has whispered to him since his birth. Using a combination of magic and brutal killing the shaman seeks out and destroys others with power to feed the darkness.

Mulnuk is seeking entry into the Buurz'traga tribe to be among others that hear the darkness. Mulnuk tendencies of killing the powerful and seeking their power would seem to fit the role of a rogue. But his desire of bloodlust often has him wanting to confront his prey and kill them in savage combat. That is not to say Mulnuk would not sit back and fry his prey with mojo. It depends on the orcs mood that day. One thing is for certain though, Mulnuk seeks power and will kill to obtain it. To feed the darkness in his soul.....

After he kills his mark he often eats their heart to absorb their power...

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