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season 3 Waterfalls of Blood strat

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:20 pm    Post subject: season 3 Waterfalls of Blood strat Reply with quote

Hi! I was hoping to put together a bit more comprehensive strategy guide but I've been too busy so figure I'll just skip to the end game strategy. I'll come back to more in depth strategy later though!

Long version with how we came up with it:

What initially led to figuring this out is the talk about attack immunity in season 3. There was a common belief that as long as you have over 20 people in town that only 40% get attacked. This has later proved to be not quite accurate -- while there is attack immunity it isn't set at 40% as far as data we have seen.

After Fierce Moors I was looking over the attack data compared to Lighthouse of Slaves and noticed that for the Day 16 attack, 34% and 33% of people in town died in that attack and in both cases about 350 zombies attacked, even though the LoS overrun was 1833 and the FM one was 795. It got me to thinking that at that stage, defense didn't matter as much. I thought of the idea of "pre-camping" -- if only 40% people get attacked (still operating on that assumption), then what if sent the people with lowest house defense outside to camp. They would have higher chance to survive camping, and fewer people would die in town.

Another key point of information was from Pathetic land of psychos. They had posted a lot of attack data when they had left just a handful of people in town and they survived. So my reasoning was that people who survived in town can then go out to camp while the people who camped early go back to town and would be able to survive at least a day or two in town, delaying devastation. Then the campers would have a better chance to survive since camp chances drop drastically after devastation.

I had played around with this idea but people weren't really sure about it but tamle really liked the idea and we discussed a lot about how such a plan would work. We started looking at more attack data and it dawned on us that the principle behind my idea was workable but that I had made it more complicated than it had to be.

What we decided to do was that when it came for the day of the big breach, we sent everyone out to camp except for people staying behind to hold down the fort and delay devastation. The people staying behind would be heroes who had camped for blueprints before and guardians (due to bonus defense) and we had those people build fences and reinforcements 2 where possible to buff up defense.
We also put remaining DO in their house (to my chagrin we had dumped more than we needed to, was a derpy moment when we were covering our day 15 attack).

Each day, 1-3 people would die in town. We then sent back campers to replace the people in town to keep the number of people in town at a certain threshold. We sent back people who had camped for blueprints before and also did our best to bring more DO and chains back to town to further fortify houses.

We moved campers who were camping closer to town back to town first, then rotated some campers to farther/better camp locations. Once we got to a certain point we started moving people from town out to camp and campers back to town so that no one camped longer than anyone else, to keep camp penalties down.

By a fluke chance we then found Builder's Merchant which has made it extremely unlikely for anyone to die in town because we've been able to add 10 defense to everyone by upgrading to Stronghold. So now everyone in town has either camped 5 or 6 days. We are rotating through the list and each day someone who has only camped 5 days goes out to camp and the last night's camper comes inside. With 7 camp items at the old police station, our current campers are getting mid to high 60% chance survival.

Short version, spoilered. Tamle will post the exact attack data so you can more clearly see the pattern, in case you want to figure it out for yourself:

When the number of citizens in town is under a certain threshold, only 150 zombies attack. At first we did this with 9 citizens because that was the data we had, but we later tested 10 and 10 works. Maybe 11 works but we have not tested it.

So right now with 11 survivors, we have 10 people remaining in town, all with 33-36 house defense to take on 150 zombies attacking. The 11th person is camping the Old Police Station with the mid to upper end of largely satisfactory chances. We've been lucky with that 11th person surviving so far but eventually we'll be down to 10.

It will take a fluke attack to kill off someone in town, or dehydration. Once one person dies then deaths will start ramping up as there are fewer people to distribute the attack. We were expecting this to happen much sooner but then we found Builder's Merchant which is what has pushed this into the ridiculous.

We are now clearing zombies around town in order to scavenge now, with priorities being jerry cans, terror cures, and to a lesser extent more DO to protect from fluke attacks, though suicide once season 4 is announced is definitely in our minds.

this was taken from the saloon forum, under Attention residentss of WoB, the strat has been posted by Tamle and another of how they survived to 31 days, apaprently as long as there are 10 folks in town, you only get attacked by 150 zeds... so as long as there are 10 ppls in town with 25 + defences , the town will survive indefinitely regardless of how many zeds attack

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, crazy way to get around the code.

Capital City in Travian
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