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The Life and Times of Karn'si

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:05 pm    Post subject: The Life and Times of Karn'si Reply with quote

This post started as a response to the Imperial Report thread, but as I started writing it kind of became a whole story.


Name: Karn'si Rashnos.
Species: Sith
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Specialization: Sith Sorceror and Alchemist

Many records of this Sith Lord. He has become well known throughout the Empire for has many deeds across the galaxy, and for his current position on the Dark Council. He and his crew are hero to some and brutal enemy to others all throughout the galaxy. But there are not many records pertaining to his life before becoming an Acolyte on Korriban.

Karn'si had a pretty good childhood. His Sith parents were both Darths in the Empire. He had a privileged childhood being of pure blood. He had access to all of the best schooling and resources. He spent most of his studies on ancient Sith rituals and techniques. In-fact he had become such a prodigy in these arts his parents felt it was time for him to join Qhe Jen'Tvarja.

Karn'si had no idea where his parents were taking him. He was blindfolded and there wasn't a sound. Finally he heard some murmuring before a dark room with a single light opened up to him. A tall human covered in Sith tattoos began asking her questions about the Sith. Karn'si did not bat an eyelash and answered each one with the same gusto that the inquisitor was barking at him. After about 30 minutes of this the women let out a boisterous laugh as he was untied. He was ready to become Jen'tvarja.

He began like any other Tyro. He was bossed around and made to do the grunt work. He was often put in charge of organizing relics and ancient tomes. Occasionally he was even asked to clean out riff-raff plaguing Jen'tvarja land. He quickly grew tired of this and demanded he be treated with the respect he knew he deserved. So that's when he began plotting. He began keeping his own records from vaults of Jiaasjen and Xaari he was made to organize. Taking pictures with a holo-cam so he could record them at his own leisure later. Soon enough he had gained some good knowledge. One of the first things he had learned was force lightning; a concentration of pure dark side and anger. When his Xaari test finally came he passed with flying colors. He knew Adas has been by his side to carry him this far and was destined to go further. At the end of the test all of the new Xaari were cheering. Karn'si decided to show off with his knew found knowledge. He tried to impress the current Jen'ari with a show of lightning and darkness. While most of the Jen'ari nodded in approval; the current Raiskasi Jen'ari just laughed. Clearly amused by how strong Karn'si thought he was.

Karn'si then spent his time as a Xaari just pushing further and further. Now that he was a Xaari he had more freedom. He was even allowed to collect his own knowledge and bring it to the clan. This was also around the time he was sent to Korriban by the Empire. Qhe Jen'tvarja teachings were secret, and many Brolis also trained under the Empire as well as Qhe Tvarja to gain their knowledge. Being from established Darths he was treated with utmost respect at the academy. He continued to have the finest teaching. He spent much of his time scouring the tombs of Marka Ragnos, Tulak Hord, and Naga Sadow for ancient knowledge that would provide use for Qhe Tvarja. He quickly passed his tests on Korriban and began heading out in the galaxy. He had picked up a "master" on Dromund Kaas and continued. He began plotting to usurp her quickly. Thanks to Qhe Tvarja he was even able to attain a Fury-Class starship.

His Master began studying Tulak Hord, and thought she might be able to find some sort of ancient ritual from him. Karn'si returned to Korriban and began his research in the tomb of Tulak Hord. There is where he found his pet Dashade. He took his research and his new pet back to his master. His Tvarja'brolis congratulated him on his new pet. Soon enough he had learned all his master could teach him and had finished her tasks. He brought his dashade and went to face her down. He defeated her with little problem and soon enough was named a Lord and inherited her power base.

As he became stronger and stronger he knew his calling. His research started with simple creatures like the Tuk'ata. He began getting bolder and bolder. His research led him to learn many things about the dark side, and how it manifests. The deeper he dug the more powerful he became. He had quickly learned he also had an affinity for force ghosts. He went through a long and hard trial to master the art of Force-Walking. With all of this new knowledge he began not only hunting tombs, but talking with the dead. Soon enough he had created a small number of Tuk'ata. To make up for this disappointing number he began using adrenals and stims on the creatures. Soon enough he unveiled his plans to Qhe Tvarja and many were impressed by what he had done. Sith Alchemy of this level had not been seen for some time among Qhe Jen'tvarja. Soon enough the Jen'ari of the Raiskasi had approached him.

For his tasks he decided to really go overboard. He continued to expand his minions. More dark creatures to fill the armies of Qhe Jen'tvarja. He also begin filling the supply boxes of Qhe Tvarja with experimental adrenals, stims, and medpacks. The Jen'ari of the Raiskasi was more than impressed and Karn'si had earned his place among the other Jiaasjen. He then spent many years in service to the clan, mostly ignoring his role as a Lord of the Sith Empire. He began training other Tyro and Xaari, and continued to develop his skills.

After a few years the role of Jiaasjen was enough for him. He craved more and more power. He was determined to show the clan his true strength. He knew he would need to take a Jen'ari's position, and not just any Jen'ari. He began his plans early; gaining allies among not only Qhe Jen'tvarja, but in the Empire as well. He knew Jen'ari were some of the most powerful in the galaxy, so he needed an ace in the hole. He spent years working on this project; combing everything he knew about Sith alchemy and force ghosts. His plan was to make a sith minion. He knew the ghost he wanted to use, and he could easily construct the body, but stopping the being from just betraying him was another matter. He had to construct a ritual that would give the body all the powers of the lord, but no memories. He was also hoping to make the creature subject to his will on command, but he was never able to devise this and would have to rely on his intellect to make the creature loyal. The experiment was a success and this new creature, named Brak'uu would be indispensable to his goals. He began using his Empire allies. He was going to make it look like the Empire had killed the old Jen'ari. While orchestrating the final steps some Xaari came to him, dragging a half-destroyed young women.

Karn'si couldn't help but experiment with his newest test subject. While he waited for all the final pieces of his plan to fall in place, the meeting to be setup, and Brak'uu's training and development to finish; he began reconstructing the women by hand with the help of the allies he had gained throughout Qhe Tvarja. He was easily able to work in secret outside the surveillance of the Jen'ari. After months of research and development, the women was finally able to stand and speak. She said her name was Azima. She was very young, and Karn'si knew the young were easily manipulated. She instantly devoted herself to Karn'si for saving her life. In another month his plan would finally be ready to go.

The Jen'ari of the Raiskasi fell right into the trap. He had thought he was going to a meeting about a new weapon the Empire had developed. Surely something he could give to the crafters of the Raiskasi. The doors shut behind him while Karn'si stepped out of the darkness, but Karn'si had underestimated the Jen'ari. He's been sensing Karn'si's desire for his position and came prepared. Being a close follower of the Sith Code knew this day would eventually come. He revealed he took with him a large number of adrenals and stimulants, made by Karn'si himself. Karn'si mentally kicked himself in the shin for forgetting a loose end.

The battle began by Karn'si unleashing dozens upon dozens of Tuk'ata and other Sith monsters upon him. The Jen'ari quickly pulled out his saber and began cutting them down in droves. Some were quickly fried by storms of lightning. While his front was distracted he sent Brak'uu to attack the rear. Brak'uu striked down upon him with the power of a true warrior, smashing down with his saber, enhanced by the dark side. The Jen'ari pulled his saber hand around and parried the attack. Brak'uu began to relentless try and hammer into the Jen'ari, but he was able to parry every blow. One hand parrying Brak'uu, the other shooting out waves of lightning to singe and destroy the army of beasts. Karn'si gave another signal as Azima began shooting rockets from a hidden alcove in the ceiling. Blaster bolts and rockets raining down upon the area. The Jen'ari quickly acted, force leaping over Brak'uu and making him (along with the beast army) take the brunt of the rockets. There was a silence for a few moments as smoke filled the room. The Jen'ari made it to the other side of the room, covered in some soot but mostly unscathed. The Jen'ari began laughing but was interrupted as Brak'uu lept out of the dissipating smoke cloud, covered in burn marks and some of his armor blown clean off. The Jen'ari filled himself with all the remaining adrenals he could and made a parry strong enough to send Brak'uu backwards. Karn'si sees him use all of those adrenals and makes his move. He knows the adrenals will eventually wear off and leave his body wracked, all he has to do is make him use as much of his strength as possible. Karn'si jumps into the fray and begins casting lightning at the Jen'ari. The Jen'ari takes one bolt before raising his saber to eat the energy. He raises a hand and sends a bolt at Karn'si, knocking him right off his feet. Brak'uu leaps back in while the Jen'ari force pushes Brak'uu across the room. Azima begins swooping down from the ceiling while the Jen'ari force pulls her by the neck and crushes her torso, tossing her across the room. Karn'si gets up as Brak'uu leaps in again. The Jen'ari blocks the lightning from Karn'si with his lightsaber while using the force to hold back Brak'uu's lightsaber. Frustrated the Jen'ari lets out all of his energy in a massive explosion, sending everybody flying into the walls. Karn'si hobbles to his feet, holding onto his broken arm as he limps over to the Jen'ari, who is now on the floor. The Jen'ari, unable to stand up as he feels his muscles going into shock over the burst of adrenals fading. He just begins laughing to himself. Karn'si looks down at him before speaking.

"Jus hysterical?" The Jen'ari just looks up at him while laughing.

"Nie, just proud to see Qhe Jen'tvarja grow in so much raiskus." Karn'si brings his saber down on the Jen'ari. Finally ending the fight.

News of the dead Jen'ari started as rumors among the Tyro and Xaari. The Jiaasjen knew exactly what was going on. They could feel it. The Jen'ari went into conclave with the Jiaasjen for about a week before returning to Qhe Tvarja. The Jen'ari announced the death of the the Jen'ari. The official explanation was a rogue Sith Lord turning on him, but everybody knew better. The Jiaasjen held a ceremony to announce the replacement for the Raiskasi Jen'ari. Karn'si went to the front, covered in bandages. The clan cheered as the announcement was made. Karn'si was titled the new Jen'ari of the Raiskasi. He held his head high among the crowd.

Karn'si awoke from his meditation as he felt Azima outside his office, going over all he had done like normal. Going over the past to make sure he never made the same mistake twice. That final event was at least 15 years ago by now. He knew the power datacrons and history held. He was about to see if this new Jiaasjen applicant did as well. He went into his office from his meditation chamber and begin making sure the arm on his desk was placed well. He pulled some fake glasses out of his desk to help setup the joke. He got his book ready and tilted his glasses down. He knew this was going to be priceless. He leaned back in his chair, staring down at the book. The door flew open as Azima was standing there. His eyes looked up at here as he opened his mouth.

"Uhat took jus so long?"

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

((Yaaay! Been wondering about the story behind this guy.

For those who don't get the ending, it's tying in with my Jiaasjen task. Here:

Urara - Feorc Hunter (WoW)
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good story

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