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Flikta's Call to the Ghaashblud

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:46 pm    Post subject: Flikta's Call to the Ghaashblud Reply with quote

Late one evening Flikta received word that the Nob of the Ghaashblud tribe was looking for her. She quickly stopped what she was doing, gathered up her things and started making her way to the Dark Portal and into the Outlands.

After arriving in the Hellfire peninsula, Flikta spotted Zerrak perched high atop a hill. Not wanting to keep the Nob waiting, she dug her heels into the sides of Razel, her mount, and hurried to Zerraks position. Once there she could see irritation in the Nob's eyes. Flikta knew she had pushed her mount hard and to look at the ravasur you would think it was going to drop dead at any moment, but Flikta still felt uneasy and wished she had pushed the lizard harder. Flikta quickly dismounted and stood at attention, saluting. Zerrak looked Flikta up and down for what seemed like eternity then looking straight into Flikta's eyes the Nob asked, "Su lat wunt tu be Ghaashblud? Lat gruk wut id am tu be Ghaasblud?" Flikta answered as fast as she could with a nod and what she thought it meant to be a Ghaashblud grunt. Zerrak continued to stare at her with no indication of Flikta's answer being correct or not. "Gruntee, blah me wut lat gruk buut de Ghaashblud hyzturee" Flikta went blank for a second then started spewing what she could remember from the scrolls and books she had read before. Zerrak just shook her head and filled in the blanks of Flikta's answer. Flikta thought she would get a boot to the face for wasting the Nob's time, but instead Zerrak told her to get whatever she needed to
klomp and prepare herself for a fight. Flikta couldn't believe it. Was the initiation still happening, or was the Nob just going to relieve some of her frustrations by smashing Fliktas head? It didn't matter; she would just do her best and hope to still be breathing after it was over. As Flikta took a few steps back away from the Nob Zerrak spoke "Gruntee, me gruk lat am small agh nub az hosh klompur az me, ubt lat bezd gruk me nub guin tu gu eazee un lat". With a nod and a forced swallow Flikta closed her eyes for a second and called to her companion Pipham, but Pip was no where to be found. She heard Zerrak preparing herself then, asking if she was ready yet. Flikta scrambled to make contact with any of her companions, as she knew there was no way she could win the duel without their help. Finally she was able to connect with Zigradarth. Not Flikta's first choice, but he would be better than nothing. After summoning her companion, she opened one of her pouches, looking for a potion that would help strengthen her spells, but she no sooner opened the pouch before she saw a shadow moving and hurried to look up. She was just able to see Zerrak within an arms reach of her as she felt her right leg start to buckle and the left side of her face go numb. A split second later, Flikta was flat on her back looking up at Zerrak standing over her. Not knowing exactly what had just happened she felt that she had just learned two important rules: Always be prepared, and never show mercy to your opponent. Wiping the blood from her mouth, Flikta got back on her feet and asked for another chance to prove herself. Zerrak's eyes appeared to almost be smiling at Flikta from behind her face guard. Then she stepped back and allowed Flikta to make the first strike. Not wanting a repeat of the first duel, Flikta ordered Zigradarth to attack Zerrak while she cast her most powerful spells at the warrior. Zerrak continued to block and counter the blows of Zigradarth while seemingly effortlessly dodging and reflecting the spells Flikta was hurling at her. Flikta cast all of her known spells and pulled creatures from the farthest reaches of the twisting nether to battle Zerrak with no luck. The warrior moved effortlessly from target to target, laughing and felling them as fast as she could get to them. After a few minutes of these exchanges, Zerrak must have grown bored because Flikta was on her back looking up at the warrior once again, but this time Zerrak was definitely smiling at the gruntee. " Un yur feet! Me hab ash myshun fur lat". Flikta got to her feet and dusted herself off "Ib lat wunt tu be Gaashblud lat hab tu gu flat ash demon (Morgroron) agh eed id'z heart. Lat shuld be abul tu fynd id en de Buurzmuun vallee." Zerrak's mount appeared almost on queue, and the Nob climbed on and took a second to look back at Flikta and spoke a few more words. "Lat nub return untyl lat hab fynyzhed diz tazk. Hosh luk der gruntee" Then the Nob and her mount were off and flying towards the portal. Flikta called for Razel, and the two of them started walking towards the Shadow Moon Valley.

A few days later Flikta arrived at the Shadow moon village and stopped for some needed supplies and hopefully some Intel on the where a bouts of Morgroron. Approaching the southern entrance to the village Flikta asked the guard where she would find the stables. Not taking his eyes off Razel the guard pointed over his right shoulder and back up the hill to a hut in the Northwest section of the village. Flikta nodded and nudged her mount to start heading in that direction. As they were making their way to the stables Flikta noticed what appeared to be the village inn and took note of a large ork nailing up something to the sign outside the inn's entrance. A couple of minutes later Flikta and Razel arrived at the stables and were greeted by an older orc. Flikta dismounted and asked to stable Razel for a few days looking the ravasur up and down the stable master finally agreed and pointed to a stall in the back away from all the other animals. Flikta tossed the orc a couple of shinnies and at the same time Flikta tugged on the reins to turn the lizards head away from the other orc Razel let out a low growl and snort covering the stable master in flim and mucus. Smiling, but trying not to laugh Flikta patted the neck of the big lizard and led her into the stable. The stall was a descent size, but Flikta could tell that Razel was a little agitated and not happy with the arrangement so Flikta reached into one of the bags strapped to Razel and pulled out a few big pieces of meat and tossed them on the ground in front of her mount. Food always seemed to calm Razel and it did again today. While Razel was eating Flikta removed her saddle and all her gear, made sure there was water and fresh bedding for Razel. After closing the stall door Flikta pulled out her Shadow Clan banner and hung it on Razel's stall door. With saddle bags over her left shoulder and a bed roll under her right arm Flikta departed the stables and walked the short distance over to the Inn stopping to look at the billboard she had noticed earlier. It was a typical scattering of post including; recruitment requests for the Horde, missing persons posters, wanted posters and requests for help on odd jobs. One of the help wanted signs, looking for an alchemist, caught Flikta's eye and she pulled it off the
billboard and carried it into the inn with her. Once inside, she noticed a large orc in the back of the main room tending to a fire and a pot of something cooking. Flikta called out to the orc and asked if he was in charge of the inn. He grunted, nodded and asked what she wanted without ever looking up from the fire. Flikta asked if there was a room available for a few days and if he knew anything about the posting for an alchemist. Dropping the piece of wood he was using to stoke the fire the male orc stood up and turned to face Flikta. She could see him struggling to see her as she was mostly in the shadows. Flikta took a couple of steps closer to
the male and the center of the room. After setting her bed roll against a nearby table she extended her right arm allowing the inn keeper to see the poster she removed from the sign out front. Taking a closer look at Flikta the inn keeper said "if you can make the needed potions then I will have a room for you". Reaching into the large bags over her shoulder she felt around for a few seconds the pulled out a small book that she placed on the table. "Eer am awl de puzhunz dat me gruk tu mak" After looking at the book the inn keeper nodded, handed the book back to Flikta and motioned for her to follow him. Grabing her bed roll she followed him down a small hallway and into the only room which was located at the end. The inn keeper pulled back the large curtains closing off the room and removed a small torch from the wall just outside of the room. Once inside he went around and lit a number of candles then stood in the middle of the room. Flikta looked around the room from the doorway and noticed an alchemy work station on one side of the room and a small bed (that she wouldn't be able to use), a table with a chair and a small shelf with a large bowl and a half full picture of water on it. There were also some small chests along the walls and some small clothes scattered on the bed and floor around the bed. "This will be your room and work station. You can use whatever you need in this room, but any plants required for the potions will be up to you to find or acquire. The goblin that use to stay here has been missing for almost a month now. So I do not think he will be back." Flikta nodded and moved towards the bed. "Lat kan take diz gobo thyng agh pud id sumwhur elze. Me nub kan uze id." The inn keeper grabed the bed and started to leave. On his way out he turned to Flikta and informed her that he would need 10 healing and shadow protection potions by mid day tomorrow then exited the room and closed the curtain behind him. Flikta set up her bed in the now empty corner then pulled a flask of frog venom brew from her saddle bag and sat at the table in the center of the room to plan the final part of her mission and a much needed drink.

The next morning Flikta woke early and started preparing the requested potions. Within a couple of hours Flikta was done making the potions and on her way out of the village with Razel. This was to be a two part afternoon demon tracking and finding some more herbs; However, the herbs were proving easier to find than the demon Flikta was looking for and after a few hours of looking Flikta decided to get some help and called Pipham from the Twisting Nether. As usual he arrived in a ball of energy bouncing around Flikta and Razel like miniature wind elemental. One second he was on their right then their left, behind them jumping on and off of Razel's tail and finally bouncing up and over Flikta to land on Razel's head. Sitting there with his feet grasping Razel's mane, shoulders slumped forward and his arms by his side he looked at Flikta and started complaining of being interrupted on some important project. With a dismissive wave Flikta responded "Lat nub wuree buut dat! Me hab
mur empurtant jub fur lat. Der am ash demon en diz ugz me hab tu fynd agh lat am guyn tu helb me. Lat gruk whur Morgroron am?" Rising to his feet with arms now crossed Pipham seem to want to object to the assignment, but thought better of it and lowered his arms back to his side and started to take in the vastness of the land around them when Flikta leaned forward and poked Pipham in the chest with her long skinny finger knocking him back to a sitting position. Raising her finger to catch Piphan under the chin she lifted his head to look straight into his eyes. Pipham was now looking at Flikta's emotionless face, but as she began to speak to
him he could see her amber eyes start to almost glow. "Lat am nub guyn tu dyzapuynt me, iz lat?" Pipham struggled to shake his head no, while Flikta was holding him by the chin. Removing her hand and leaning back to an upright position, Flikta eased back on the reins to stop Razel "Bubhosh den! Nuw lat hab sum wurk tu du. Gu fynd diz demon agh nub keep me waytyng." With a toothy grin Pipham jumped to the ground and started running from boulder to boulder heading back to the Northwest. "Not
here...not here...nope, not here..." Flikta dismounted shaking her head as she removed a small shovel from her herb sack and headed over to a large specimen of Nightmare vine. Trying to be careful Flikta had her hand in a grouping of rocks removing the vine when she felt a stinging sensation. As she pulled her hand from the rocks she noticed two small puncture wounds on the back of her left hand. Cussing and standing up she ripped the remaining tangle of vine from the rocks as she tried to locate what had just bit her. After a couple of minutes, with no luck, Flikta walked back over to Razel and placed the vine along with her shovel back in her herb sack. Then she opened a small pouch on her belt and removed a dark strip of cloth to wrap her hand with. Feeling only a slight irritation with her hand now, Flikta mounted up and continued her search for Morgroron to the South and East of the village.

It was well after dark when Flikta returned to the inn. Tired, cold and irritated Flikta sat at a table in the back of the room near the fire pit and waved the server over to her. The young orc approached her table asking what she would like. Flikta ordered two of their strongest drinks then looked up to see the young orc staring at her obviously swollen hand and the sweat forming on her brow. "Lat hab dem drynkz yed?" Noding at Flikta's hand the orc responded "You better get that looked at" Glaring at the young orc in front of her Flikta snapped "Nub blah me whut tu du! Skah'n mushhed. Juzd ged dem drynkz." Flikta knew that the server had
given her good advice, but she didn't have time to be wasting with a healer. Besides, how bad could something that small hurt her? A few minutes later the server returned with the two drinks and a small container of black ointment. "Here are your drinks and this might help with the swelling" Flikta noded and handed the server some silver. While trying to enjoy her drinks, Flikta took a few seconds to apply the ointment and change the cloth wrap. A few minutes later both drinks were empty
and she was heading to her room. Now dizzy, she had to use the wall for balance; However, she made sure to close the curtains as she entered her room and made her way over to the bed roll on the far side of the room. Taking almost all of her concentration she was able to contact Pipham, but she was just able to see him step into the room before she felt the sleep overtake her.

Excited to tell Flikta the good news, Pipham hurried into the portal to her, but he no sooner arrived at her location when he saw her go limp and slump over on the pile of furs and cloth on the floor. "Boss! Boss!...hey what are you doing!?" Quickly looking around the room Pipham ensured they were alone before going to Flikta's position. Once he was next to her he poked her shoulder, leg and then shook her, but she would not wake up. Pipham pushed her harder and she rolled onto her back exposing the wrapped and swollen hand. Grabbing her hand he pulled it closer and began to take a long deep smell. Pondering what he had just smelled he mumbled to himself; "Poison!...yep, definitely poison in there." Stepping back away from Flikta he looked the room over once more before casting a singe spell on her. Quickly he skittered over to the curtain and peered outside into the hallway. Now that Pipham had ensured no one was around he quickly cast the spell and for the next few seconds Flikta was engulfed in a low green flame making the entire room glow an eerie green. "Good, good. This will burn the poison from her blood". For the next five days Pipham watched over Flikta as she slept and slowly recovered from the bite she received. Late on the fifth day Flikta opened her eyes and slowly sat up
looking around the room. "Whut de skah am guyn un eer agh whut am dat smell?" Still not able to fully focus Flikta noticed some movement on the other side of the room as she was just about to launch a shadow bolt in that direction she heard Pipham use a hushed voice "Boss it's me!" Lowering her right arm she tried to stand up, but was still too dizzy. "Pip, lat beddur blah me why me bezd kloffz am burnt ub!" Trying to hide behind the table pip explained that she had been poisoned by whatever bit her and that he had to singe her to purge the poison. Also, she had been unconscious for over five days now. "Skah diz am sum nubhosh blah! Me kloffz peep lyke sumden dat kom frum de azz end ub ash ghaashelementul agh lat led me sleeb fur H muunz. Lat gruk Ib me peepurz wur wurk'n hosher me wuld smash latz fayze, ryght? Id hab been awlmuzt HH muunz agh me styll nub flat'd ash demon...Zerrak am guyn tu wunt tu smash sumash head agh id nub guyn tu be Flikta'z head ged'n smashed. Gib me
sumfyn tu drynk agh blah me sum bubhosh newz, nuw!" Pip hurried to bring Flikta the skin of Mulgore fire water hanging on the back of the chair and then quickly explained that he had found Morgroron's camp which was not far from here, but Flikta would have to get past an army of infernals and some legion forces. Wiping firewater from her chin Flikta looked at Pipham "Iz dat awl? Bah! den diz guin tu be eazee fur myte ged flat'd, ubt dat whut lat ged fur led'n me sleeb su lung! Har, har." Getting to her feet flikta pointed to the table and motioned for Pip to get on top of it. "Ged up eer! uz hab tu makurd sum planz."

Flikta was up before sunrise the next morning. She left some coins on the table with a note to the inn keeper explaining she found what she needed and would not be returning. She also dropped off a letter in the goblin mail, addressed to Zerrak, with a brief explanation of what was going on then hurried over to the stable to get Razel. Flikta had everything loaded within a few minutes and was on her way out of camp and off to slay Morgroron or die trying. As soon as she was out of site of the village she summoned Pipham who showed up eager and ready to lead Flikta to the legion guards. A few miles after Pip arrived he informed Flikta that he could smell someone up ahead. Flikta stopped and dismounted Razel. "Ukee pip keep latz peepurz upen. Me guyn tu uz sum mojo tu peep ahead." Flikta stood behind a large bush and started to conjure what looked to be a flying eye. As Flikta eased the eye forward she was able to spot what seemed to be a sleeping legion scout. Using the eye Flikta was able to place a demonic circle behind a rock, a few feet away from the scout, then took a second look to ensure he was alone. Sure it was safe, Flikta released the eye and drew her sword. "Pip, lat stay eer wif Razel." Flikta grined and grabed a charm around her neck a second later she was peering from behind the large rock at the sleeping scout. All was quiet and with two quick steps Flikta was on top of the scout with her sword pushing through his neck. The blood elf reached up and grabbed Flikta's shoulders, but there was nothing he could do. His legs slowly stopped thrashing and his arms slid back to his side then Flikta felt the body go limp as the gurgling stopped. A couple of seconds later Flikta eased her sword from his throat and started to remove the uniform from dead elf. Once she was done
removing all the clothes Flikta pulled the body under a nearby bush and tried her best to cover the blood with dirt. "Skah me hupe deez fyt." The clothes were a little tight, but wearable and there was some blood on the back that she tried to cover with her hair. Luckily it was still dark and the camp was only another mile up up on the hill. Flikta walked back to Pip and Razel to place her clothes in her saddle bags then led them to a nearby ravine where she told Razel to stay. "Pip me guyn tu kall lat suun su be redee wif latz mojo" Pip noded and then was gone back to the nether. Taking a second to prepare Flikta looked around at the land able to
see the campfires and torches just up the hill with the moon and stars as a back drop Flikta took a deep breath smelling the scorched dirt and death that surrounded her she offered a prayer to the gods. "Godz diz am guyn tu be ash bubhosh muun. Flikta iz me name agh me wyll spyll muj bluud fur latz en hunur ub de Ghaashbluudz agh ShadowKlan. Ib latz am hapee wif diz den blezz me zult agh mojo wif latz strengf. Ib latz nub lyke diz den adlezd gib me ash bubhosh klompurz end!"

Getting into the camp was not hard at all. The guards that were not sleeping didn't pay much attention to Flikta in her legion uniform. Continuing up the path all the way to the top Flikta was taking note of any dead space that might offer her a way out of here. From what she could tell there were close to forty guards in the camp. As she was getting close to the top she could see staging areas for assembling large numbers of troops on the main Plato and off to the North she could see where her target was staying. There were light patrols with what seemed to be 3-4 bodyguards around Morgroron. The entire area was isolated from the rest of the camp by large hills which gave Flikta an idea. Once the patrol went back down the path there would only be Morgroron and his guards to deal with. Easing off the path Flikta acted as if she was checking on the torches while keeping an eye on the 3 man patrol. They made there way all around the main area then back out and down the path. Flikta figured she had about 10 minutes before they would return. Still on the side of the hill, out of site from the bodyguards, Flita summoned Pipham. As soon as he appeared Flikta grabbed him placing her hand over his mouth. "Lat be quyet. uz buut tu flat deez globz. Lat peep dem guardz duwn der?" Pip nodded "Dem am guyn gu flat ashezd. Ukee lat sneek uber der by dat uder rok agh wayt fur me sygnal." As pip slipped over to his ambush spot Flikta placed a demonic circle where she was standing. Seeing that pip was almost where he needed to be she concentrated on a sleep spell and cast it at Morgroron. He was already asleep so it was hard to tell if it hit or not, but Flikta was going to have to take a chance. Setting her sites on the first guard, Flikta let loose with a huge fire ball then wasting no time she fired 3 shadow bolts at the remaining guards while seeing another fire ball erupt from Pipham's direction. As the first fireball left Fliktas hands the early morning sky came alive with a red glow. The bodyguards had no time to react before the first and second guards were engulfed in flames. By the time Flikta had her second Shadow bolt cast the first two guards were down and burning. the third guard was hit with a shadow bolt, but Flikta missed the forth. Both guards had their weapons drawn now and were rushing towards Flikta. A meteor came down smashing the forth guard and stunning the third. Flika hardened her skin, with magic, drew her sword and charged the remaining guard. Still being slowed from the effects of the meteor it had no chance to block the sword as Flikta brought it down slicing through the weapon arm, disarming the demon. Flikta's momentum carried her past the last guard, but she heard it scream and felt the heat from the fireball that swallowed it up. Before she could turn to see Morgroron Flikta felt a heavy blow to her back that forced her to the ground. Rolling over she just caught a glimpse of the pole armís massive blade slice into the ground beside her, but before flikta was able to stand Morgroron slammed a fist into her chest knocking her onto her back. Seeing the pole arm poised to slice down Flikta raised her sword to block and grabed the charm around her neck at the same time. A split second later Flikta was 20 yards away and safe on the side of a hill. Looking back at Morgroron, Flikta saw the demon now on fire, confused and pulling the blade of his weapon from the ground where she was just on her back. Pipham cast another fireball at the demon but it was deflected and now the Morgroron was moving towards the little guy. Flikta started to drain
some of the life force from Morgroron to help replenish some of her strength as Pipham kept trying to cast spells, at the huge demon coming after him, but was continually interrupted by the stomps Morgroron unleashed. Seeing that he was almost in pole arm range to Pip, Flikta opened a portal and pulled Pip to her location. Still on fire and confused again Morgroron let out a deafening yell for help while both Flikta and Pip now launched fire and shadow bolts at the demon. A few seconds later Morgroron collapsed engulfed by fire. Hearing the camp start to come to life with cries and alarms Flikta ran over to Morgroron's burning corps and plunged her sword into the chest just above where the heart would be. Removing her blade she slammed her fist into the cut and forced her arm in until she was able to grab the still warm heart. Yanking with all her strength Flikta pulled her hand from the chest with Morgroron's heart in it. The shouts were getting louder and seemed to be heading to her location. Holding the heart in front of her Flikta started to talk to herself; "Who hab de fyre en dem veynz, Ghaashblud du. Whu hab de fyre en dem veynz..." Flikta put the heart into her mouth and took a huge bite. Pulling her hand away and chewing what was in her mouth, she continued; "Flikta du!" Looking to her left she saw Pipham staring at her with eyes bigger than a kudo's. "Nub peep ad me lyke dat! Pud latz peepurz bak en latz head agh ged redee tu klomp! DE GHASSHBLUD AM KUM'N! Swinging her left hand, with what remained of the heart still in it, Flikta caught Pipham on the side of his head knocking him back about 5 feet and seemingly knocking him unconscious. Flikta's right hand directed a meteor to the top of the path where 5 guards were approaching from. Then she commanded a doom guard from the twisting nether to the same location as the meteor. Feeling the rage in her build to almost unbearable levels Flikta felt herself start to lose control. It was almost as if she was in the background watching someone or something else control her. Before she knew what was happening she saw herself casting spells, commanding demons, slaying beings (some with her hands) and charging into the fray of carnage unfolding in front of her.

Sometime later Flikta awoke back at the ravine with Razel standing watch over her. Looking around she saw no one. Not pipham or any of the other minions she had pulled out of the nether to fight with her, but there was no time to worry about them now. Flikta needed to return to the Shadow Clan fort and report to Zerrak what had taken place here today and hopefully be considered worthy to join the Ghaashblood tribe. looking down at her body, as she was sitting there, Flikta realized that she was absolutely covered in blood, a lot of it was hers, but most of it was from the enemy. Still feeling drunk on rage she knew she was injured, but couldn't feel
any pain and went to stand up only to fall back to the ground. "Whut de skah am wrung wif me leg!?" looking down Flikta saw that her left leg had a bad break below the knee. With a little help from Razel and a lot of cursing Flikta was able to get tu her feet and into the saddle atop Razel. Not wanting to make the ride naked Flikta grabbed her tabard from the saddle bag and pulled it over her head then attached the clan battle standard to her staff and tied her left leg to it securing the end to the saddle to keep her leg from flopping around. Grabbing the reins and turning Razel to the North Flikta dug her right leg in to the mounts side and nudged her forward. "Ukee, ledz gu hume."

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-smiles- Lat klomp'd dat demun. Me gruk'd lat was Ghaashbluud. Hoowah Flikta!

Sumash pleez exzplayn kubbeez....
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