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Nat Type Problem (PS Vita)

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 3:20 pm    Post subject: Nat Type Problem (PS Vita) Reply with quote

Hey guys. I'm running out of ideas here, so I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone can help. The problem I'm running into is this: I bought a PS Vita a while back and I own two games that feature online multiplayer. Mortal Kombat - works fine, and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, which is pretty unplayable online. Sometimes I get a game, even a few games without flaw, but most of the time it tries to connect to games, decides it can't, puts me in games where I crash out immediately, etc.

It's not my internet speed or connection, I game online all the time. Even on the Vita, Moral Kombat works okay. I did some research and found that apparently games that use the Playstation Network have a problem with NAT Type 3 (don't even know what that is) but apparently that's what my Vita has. Going under internet status I can see it is indeed NAT Type 3.

So at least I'm getting somewhere! I know I need to turn that NAT Type 3 to a NAT Type 2, according to youtube videos and forums and such. However, every method I've tried doesn't want to work. Still sitting at a NAT Type 3.

I have a Gigaset SE567 router. Apparently this particular router has some problem with Playstation, since there's plenty of people talking about it via a google search.

So my question is, can anyone help me get a NAT Type 2?

And a follow up question, if not - because I've read a lot of forum posts saying I'm pretty much up the river on this one, that my router can't do it, how do I go about getting a new router and installing it? What's that entail? Is it easy or do I have to know computer kung fu to do it? The only routers I've ever had come from the ISP when they fix me up.

Thanks for any help!

Dek'Oligz (ESO)

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