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Legion Profession beneficial items

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:33 am    Post subject: Legion Profession beneficial items Reply with quote

This post talks less about how to do what you need to do for each profession in Legion but more about what is important to stock in the vault and gives you an idea of the great items that can be made to help you stay stocked with the items that can be made for you. What will be listed are the high value items that each profession brings to the table. I will update this as needed and I apologize for the terrible formatting.


Flask of Ten Thousand Scars - One hour Stamina flask
Flask of the Countless Armies - One hour Strength flask
Flask of the Whispered Pact - One hour Intelligence flask
Flask of the Seventh Demon - One hour Agility Flask

Ancient Healing Potion - Heals
Ancient Mana Potion - Mojo
Ancient Rejuvenation Potion - Heals and Mojo

Skystep Potion - 8 second Speed boost
Unbending Potion - 25 second Armor boost


Since in Legion you will be focusing on your Artifact weapons, Blacksmithing does not focus on crafting weapons. Instead the non-Armor focus of the trade focuses on Relics that you can make and use for different classes to use on their Artifact weapons. The relics are ilvl 805 and they boosts a trait and increases the ilvl of your artifact by +31.

Consecrated Spike - For Holy and Discipline Priests and of course non-clan Paladins
Flamespike - For Unholy DKs, Guardian Druids, Fire Mages, Enhancement Shamans, Demonology/Destruction Warlocks, Furey/Prot Warriors, and Ret Paladins.
Gleaming Iron Spike - For Blood DKs, Beast Mastery/Survival Hunters, Brewmaster/Windwalker Monks, Prot Paladins, Outlaw/Assassin Rogues, Enhancement Shamans, All Warriors, and Vengeance Demon Hunters.
Terrorspike - For Blood/Unholy DKs, Feral/Guardian Druids, MM & Survival Hunters, Shadow Priests, Outlaw/Assassination Rogues, Affliction Warlock, and Arms/Prot Warriors.

Two Mount Enhancements, both effects duration are quadrupled for blacksmiths
Demonsteel Stirrups - 2 hour duration allowing node interaction while mounted.
Leystone Hoofplates - 2 hour duration mount speed 20% boost


Stat foods
375 Haste - Azshari Salad
300 Haste - Suramar Surf and Turf
225 Haste - Deep-Fried Mossgill

375 Mastery - Nightborne Delicacy Platter
300 Mastery - Barracuda Mrglgagh
225 Mastery - Pickled Stormray

375 Critical Strike - The Hungry Magister
300 Critical Strike - Leybeque Ribs
225 Critical Strike - Salt and Pepper Shank

375 Versatility - Seed-Battered Fish Plate
300 Versatility - Koi-Scented Stormray
225 Versatility - Faronaar Fizz

Bear Tartare - Sprint for short time after killing enemy
Fighter Chow - 100% Increased Health Regeneration

% chance to do a Pepper Breath Fireballs
Fishbrul Special
Drogbar-Style Salmon
Spiced Rib Roast

Lavish Suramar Feast - Increases a stat by 200
Hearty Feast - Increases a stat by 150

Oh wait, you want to extend your special buff? Yub, eat some bacon!
Crispy Bacon - extends the effects of any other food buff by an hour, up to 6 hours.


Aside from your standard Cloak, Neck and Ring Enchants the big thing that Enchanters bring to the table are Shoulder and Glove Enchants. Oh and there are the new illusions that they can make. Im not quite sure what the point of illusions are just yet but Im sure Ill find out and update here when I do.

Shoulder Enchant
Boon of the Scavenger - With this enchant, Scavenged Cloth has a low chance to drop from mobs, which contains significant amounts of Shal'dorei Silk which will be great for Tailors and materials for some of your First Aid training.

Glove Enchants
Legion Herbalism - Increased Herb Gathering speed in the Broken Isles.
Legion Mining - Increased Mining speed in the Broken Isles.
Legion Skinning - Increased Skinning speed in the Broken Isles.
Legion Surveying - Increased Archeology Surveying speed in the Broken Isles.

Immaculate Fibril - Arcane Relic, usable by Vengeance Demon Hunters, Balance Druids, Beast Mastery Hunters, all Mages, Protection Paladins.
Soul Fibril - Shadow Relic, usable by all Death Knights, Havoc Demon Hunters, Discipline and Shadow Priests, Assassination and Subtlety Rogues, Affliction and Demonology Warlocks, and Arms Warriors.


Failure Detection Pylon - Res party as long as they have not released.
Auto-Hammer - Repair tool anyone can use.
Pump-Action Bandage Gun - Ranged healing gun, up to 40 yards.
Gunpack - Straps guns to your back. Not quite sure what this really does.
Gunpowder Charge - Ranged fire damage, up to 40 yards.
Deployable Bullet Dispenser - Deployable turret
Gunshoes - Propels you forward, 3 min cooldown

Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix - Tool used to aid Hunters in taming mechanical pets.

Shockinator - Storm Relic, usable by Hunters, Monks, Shamans, Outlaw Rogues, and Fury Warriors
"The Felic" - Fel Relic, usable by All Demon Hunter Specs, Destruction/Demonology Warlocks, and Subtlety Rogues.

Very useful Legacy WoD Engineering items
Goblin Glider Kit


Major Glyphs are gone, gugye!!
Minor Glyphs are applied directly to the skill they are associated with. You cannot have more than 1 minor glyph effect on one spell at a time. You can have many minor glyphs applied to your spell varieties though.

There are many minor glyphs per class, I am just going to link the wowhead guide for your reference if you want to chase them down. <<insert link:>>

Aqual Mark - Frost Relic, usable by Frost Death Knights, Feral and Restoration Druids, Arcane and Frost Mages, Mistweaver Monks, and Elemental and Restoration Shaman.
Straszan Mark - Life Relic, usable by all Druid specializations, Marksmanship Hunters, Brewmaster and Mistweaver Monks, Holy Paladins, Holy Priests, and Restoration Shaman.

Two most important Scribe items IMO:
Tome of the Tranquil Mind - Allows you to adjust talents out of combat and not in a rested area.
Codex of the Tranquil Mind - Group version of the above.

Vantus Runes
I will update this as I learn more about these.


Uncommon gem cuts
Deadly Deep Amber +150 Critical Strike
Masterful Queen's Opal +150 Mastery
Quick Azsunite +150 Haste
Versatile Skystone +150 Versatility

Rare gem cuts
Deadly Eye of Prophecy +250 Critical Strike
Masterful Shadowruby +250 Mastery
Quick Dawnlight +250 Haste
Versatile Maelstrom Sapphire +250 Versatility

Main stat gem cuts (requires 800 skill)
Saber's Eye Once cut can be cut into a specific main stat
Saber's Eye of Agility +200 Agility
Saber's Eye of Intelligence +200 Intelligence
Saber's Eye of Strength +200 Strength

Ilvl 715 Rings
Azsunite Loop +311 Stamina, +394 Haste
Deep Amber Loop +311 Stamina, +394 Critical Strike
Queen's Opal Loop +311 Stamina, +394 Mastery
Skystone Loop +311 Stamina, +394 Versatility

Ilvl 815 Rings
Dawnlight Band +790 Stamina, +915 Haste
Prophetic Band +790 Stamina, +915 Critical Strike
Shadowruby Band +790 Stamina, +915 Mastery
Maelstrom Band +790 Stamina, +915 Versatility

Ilvl 715 Necklaces
Azsunite Pendant +495 Stamina, +628 Haste
Deep Amber Pendant +495 Stamina, +628 Critical Strike
Queen's Opal Pendant+495 Stamina, +628 Mastery
Skystone Pendant +495 Stamina, +628 Versatility

Ilvl 815 Necklaces (Class specific, all have +790 Stamina plus one random enchantment)
Grim Furystone Gorget Death Knight - Run Speed boost when below 50% health
Vindictive Pandemonite Choker Demon Hunter - Reflect Chaos dmg back to attacker for 20s
Sylvan Maelstrom Amulet Druid - Increase Versatility by 1000 when outdoors.
Intrepid Necklace of Prophecy Hunter - Pet enrage and dmg boost when fighting same family
Sorcerous Shadowruby Pendant Mage - Casts random dmg spell at target (5m cd)
Tranquil Necklace of Prophecy Monk - Roll, Chi or Jump heals self (20s cd)
Righteous Dawnlight Medallion Paladin - chance on hit to blind enemy (120s cd)
Blessed Dawnlight Medallion Priest - On use, heals self and restores mana (5m cd)
Subtle Shadowruby Pendant Rogue - Reduce sprint cd by 10s on killing blow of xp/honor opponent
Ancient Maelstrom Amulet Shaman - Health regen while in or on water while not in combat
Twisted Pandemonite Choker Warlock - Heal on demon death (3m cd)
Raging Furystone Gorget Warrior - 25% more rage regen for charge and interrupt


Beyond a large series of Silkweave and Imbued Silkweave garments, the main thing Tailors will want to work on for the clan is bags.

But here is the problem, and more or less error in my mind made by the skygods.
The new tailoring bag in Legion is only 24 slots.

This means that the Hexweave 30 slot bag from WoD is still the best bag in the game outside of 36 slot craft bags. So keep the hexweave churning in your garrisons. I will be looking at possibly locking down one area in the bank for super special things that you will just need to ask a leader for hexweave bags and other majorly rare items of value. That is if we can get a good stock of them in there.

... and a lot of other names in many games.

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Clan Admin

Joined: 30 Jul 2002
Posts: 4350

PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

btw posted here as the Warmill forum is in talks of being decommissioned due to redundancy and lack of use.

... and a lot of other names in many games.

Shadowclan Discord server
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