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New World

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:28 pm    Post subject: New World Reply with quote

I don't know if anyone is trying this game - it is still pre-release, but Amazon's New World looks like it has some potential for Shadowclan-style emergent gameplay. It is an open-world PVP survival game focused on guild/group play that includes sieges and such. The setting is a fantasy land mass based loosely on 17th century European conquest of the Americas.

What made me start thinking was reading this review piece which, while praising aspects of the game, was critical of what the reviewer perceived as the game's reiteration of themes of Western colonial conquest of "lesser peoples" throughout history. I don't want to dive too deep into debate on that, but offer this thought for clan consideration.

The game doesn't have "races" per se. You can choose a gender and off you go. I am not sure how robust the character creation tools are as regards hair, skin color, etc. But WHAT IF:

The clan could do what we did in original UO and use the character creation tools to create an approximation of an "indigenous" culture. We would then roleplay as local peoples resisting the foreign invaders of our lands and their attempts to subjugate our culture. Without ourselves falling victim to parody and caricature, there are many historical indigenous cultures we can use as models for our roleplay (Eastern seaboard US, Aztecs, Mayas, etc.) We would not of course roleplay a historical indigenous culture, but devise something unique using the fantasy lore of the game.

For example, per the review article, I understand the game developers modeled the indigenous on being some sort of zombies corrupted by a mysterious plague. We could RP indigenous who developed a cure and/or proved immune to this sickness.

We'd need not roleplay as our usual xenophobes - we could have the flexibility to build alliances and friendships with guilds deemed worthy of it.

Just a thought. From the looks of it this game has two things we treasure:

- the flexibility to fill a creative niche
- (possibly) the in-game tools to realize that creative vision

Anyway, I welcome thoughts. As my personal fun comes from imagining such possibilities, I could go further and toss together, after some more research into the game, an idea for a guild. There is time, since I don't think release is that imminent, but I wanted to get people's thoughts.

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Formerly Cemya and Ehliya, Shadowbane4Lyfe!
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