Shadowclan Kobold Horde

Hekili Sylvans

The true sylvans awoke once more in the Hybrasil, just in time to find softskins pillaging their forest and clearing lands. The first waking sylvans had made a disastrous alliance with the Hibernians, who had not kept their part of the bargain in any way. However, instead of admitting their mistake, they chose to adopt the softskins way of life.

Those who remained true to their race and history gathered together, to live or die as one grove.

The Hekili, the abandoned ones, stood alone in their forest, forgotten, and surrounded by enemies. Their bark was weak, their people scattered. Valmaar, leader of the true sylvans, saw no hope on the horizon, save to outlive the softskins. But would there be a forest left at that point?

Ujahk sat in his torch lighted cave, frowning at the map before him. The upperworld was as vast as the underworld, and far more populated. The campaign against the pinkis had gone well at first, but a series of hobgoblin raids in the underuzg had drawn much of his force underground to protect the breeding caves.

He had gathered the clan into a keep in Yggdra, but they were not able to go farther. The pinkis had healing magic he couldn't match, and vastly outnumbered the kobos under his command in the upperuzg. He had done what he could to strengthn their numbers, but still they fell short. Hibernia and Albion were entirely ruled by the pinkis, and Midgard was only nominally under kobo control.

He had come to a very ugly decision... the clan needed either an alliance, or to go back underground and stay there. He was loath to do the first, and almost as loath to drag his poor, blind family back underground.

The meeting of two clans was hostile, as any meeting between two xenophobic groups was wont to be. The kobos demanded tribute, the sylvans demanded they leave, and blood was shed on both sides. The stand off ended in a meeting of Valmaar with Ujahk at Ft. Veldon. The two leaders respected each others territorial instincts, even if they didn't understand their counterparts choice of territories. They forged a peace treaty, and pledged to respect each others lands.

Over time, the guilds cooperated more often, and the respect between them grew. They shared a distaste for human kind, hardnosed practicality, and a fierce devotion to their own race. The guilds began to fight monsters together. Shadowclan was impressed by the healing and haste magics of the sylvans, while Hekili marveled at breath mojo and learned of kobo's.

And so, in preface to suggesting an alliance, Ujahk called a meeting of the territory owners of the Mordred Uzg. He introduced Bannok and Valmaar and vouched for them to each other, and soon the Hekili had a similar arrangement with the Temple of the Dark Covenant to Shadowclan's.

With that taken care of, and most possible political snags out of the way, Valmaar and Ujahk entered a series of treaty negotiations.

Valmaar nodded sagely to himself. The bluuskins would be good mercenaries, as they had proved honorable and true to their word. They too hated the softskins, and sought their downfall. The only thing that disturbed him truly was their greed (although it did not manifest amongst themselves), and their attitude towards nature. They did not destroy it as others did, for they wasted nothing and built no structures. They merely... ignored it. There only respect seemed to be for blood - even their leader was chosen through bloodshed.

And so he insisted on both trade with the kobos as they would trade amonst themselves, and a ceremony of wood taking that would hopefully teach them the seriousness of their actions.

Ujahk looked over the terms of the treaty, checking in case he had missed anything important. He was glad they'd found the Hekili, for they were a solid clan, unlike the flaky pinki clans. They expected their people from birth till death, like reasonable people. They did have a serious weakness in crafting, but equipped in kobo crafted they would be a strong ally, and one who could not backstab them and and take their underuzg home. They worried too much about the world about them of course... they did not understand that the skigods took care of the world. They also did not have the deep sense of humor that was part of every kobo. But they had a taste for shara blood, and even if that taste involved bleeding it into the ground uselessly, that was good enough for him.

This following treaty that was formed between Hekili and Shadowclan, and they bound themselves together through skigod magics, two clans searching to destroy the other races together. Both still considered their race superior, and neither were confused into thinking the alliance would last forever. But it would be enough, until their war was won.

(Translated into pinki.)
Shadowclan & Hekili will fight together to curtail the infestation of humans and their ilk in the world. Outside of Hybrasil, Hekili will support the kobos in their taking of tribute from pinkis. In Hybrasil, Shadowclan will help clear the forest of all softskins, excepting those allowed specifically by Hekili.

Shadowclan & Hekili will share amongst themselves as they have to date within their current guilds, to facilitate the clearing of their enemies from the world. As such, a traitor to one guild is a traitor to the Alliance, for he has stolen from both. Hekili has agreed to form and administer a test to their makers, as the Shadowclan already gives to their own, to determine their suitability in helping to guide the alliance's economy.

Hekili will support Shadowclan in their taking, defense, and maintanence of keeps, on the condition that wood for door repairs and upgrades is either summoned magically or blessed by the sacrifice of Hekili blood.

Hekili & Shadowclan will maintain a joint enemy and neutral list, which shall be administrated by the Nobs & Ingwe, formed of those guilds who are suggested by elder members of both guilds. Those who refuse to show their clan affiliation will be considered hostile, as will any guild not appearing on the alliance's enemy or neutral lists.

Hekili & Shadowclan both reserve the right to close off access to their territory for ceremonies, religious rights, and other official occasions.

They both reserve the right to have events only their guild may attend. Shadowclan & Hekili members shall respect the orders of officers of the other guild, and bring any disagreement up through their own chain of command. In the case of the Hekili, this includes respecting the Wargoth's orders. Each guild will take the lead on it own territory - Hekili's wishes will be respected in Hybrasil, Shadowclan's in Midgard.

The alliance's emblem will never contain axes, or any other nature destoying chopping implements.

Hekili will be permitted in Shadowclan's upper caves (Kobotown) for crafting, item storage, etc, however the caves/huts remain Shadowclan property. The land around the caves is Hekilis to garden as they wish.

Shadowclan Kobold Horde

Hekili Sylvans