Kobold Language Reference

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Modern Kobold

Modern Kobold is spoken by today's underground kobolds. Much of its vocabulary comes from Old Kobold, the language used by long-ago kobold ancestors deep in the underground.

Twelve Basic Words

Ug hello         Hoowah! hurrah!
Gug'yu goodbye   Skah! @*&$#%!!!!
Yub yes   Har! lol, :) (smiley face)
Nub no   Rulg lat Thank you
Mih me   Blah talk, language
Lat you   Gruk know, understand

If you don't know or understand something or what someone is saying, just say Nub gruk.

Fighting Words

klomp attack, kill flat dead
mojo magic, buffs flishi resurrect
krimp mez or root lurnin experience
figz heal uzg land, world
bait pull hihr drumz gain a level

Kobolds talk about things like defending their territory, defeating their enemies, and hunting for good things to eat. They don't talk too much about levels and experience.


kobo kobold gazat dwarf
shara human ilid elf
olog troll gobo lurikeen
uruk firbolg    

Humans, dwarves, elves, and lurikeen are often called pinkis because they have pink skin.


Warriur warrior Shamun shaman
Huntur hunter Ruungoth runemaster
Snihkur shadowblade Guulgoth spiritmaster
Savuj savage Boni bonedancer
Howlur skald    

Other words are often used as well, such as Shaddurzult for shadowzerker, Ruunbuum for runemaster, or Danzur for bonedancer.

Weapons & Weapon Users

Womp hammer K'igg spear
Lusk axe O'lig bow
Zult sword Ligz arrows
Blok shield Stik staff
Klaw claw Dub paw two-handed
Womp'r hammer-using warrior  
Zult'r sword-using warrior  
Lusk'r axe-using warrior  
Ligz'r bow-spec hunter  
Kigg'r spear-spec hunter  

Womp is a hammer.  Womp'r means someone who uses hammers.  To Womp, is to use a hammer.

Good & Bad

bubhosh great, big snaga slave
nubhosh bad, small buub pig
pushdug stinky glob fool

Kobolds enjoy teasing one another, as well as taunting the lesser races, but would never use human language to deliver an insult!


Zuth zero Blug six
Ash one Udu seven
Dub two Tukh eight
Gakh three Krith nine
Futh four Ash'Zuth ten
Krak five H a lot

You'll also hear words like Ashlog and Dublog. These words are names for klomp ranks; see the section on Klomp Ranks for details.

Kobolds don't talk about numbers much.  Numbers on how much damage someone does, etc., is out of character.

Sleeping & Waking

wayk ub log in mud lag
gu slihb log out muddi experiencing lag
blak owt go linkdead Sliipwalking AFK

Even when you are apologizing for going linkdead in the middle of a fight, you can express it in a Kobold way rather than using human language. Surri, mih blak'd owt agh nub kuld wayk ub!



Old Kobold

Long ago, the ancient underground kobolds spoke a language that we now call Old Kobold. Although Old Kobold is no longer spoken, much of its vocabulary survives today in Modern Kobold, the language of today's underground kobolds.

The following is a brief grammar of Old Kobold, based on Tolkien's Black Speech.

agh and albai elf (or) elves (n)
amal where (relative) ash one
bagronk dung-pit (n) búbhosh great (adj)
bugd- call (v) burguul shadow ('burz + guul') (n)
burzum darkness (n) buub pig (n)
buurz dark (adj) dug filth (n)
durb- rule (v) durub ruler (n)
dush sorcery, magic (n) duump doom (v)
fauth- lie hidden (v) gaakh let it be that
gakh three gazat dwarf (n)
ghaash (ghâsh) fire (n) ghaashum heat (n)
gimb- find (v) glob fool (n)
goi city (n) golug elves (n)
goth lord, master (n) gund stone (n)
guul (gûl) wraith (n) hai folk (n)
hosh guts (n) ilid elf or elves (n)
krak five krimp- bind (v)
krith nine lat you
lata- under (prep) lug tower (n)
m- root of interogatives mal where? (interrog)
mat- die (v) matuurz mortal (adj)
mog voice (n) narkuu never
nazg ring (n) nuut sky (n)
olog Troll (n) prakh- lure (v)
pushdug stinking (adj or participle) ronk pool (n)
sha together with (prep) shakh lord (n)
shara man (n) sharkuu (sharkû) old man (n)
skai or skah exclamation of contempt snaga slave (also used by Uruk-hai as 'orc ofsmaller breed'
srinkh- gather (v) (transitive) ta him
tab his tak them
tala above thrak- bring (v)
throqu- devour (v) tug only (adv)
u to (prep) udu seven
uliima throne (n) uruk larger breed of orcs (n)
uzg land (n) za this
zagh mountain pass (n)

-at verb infinitive -hai people (collective plural)
-i or -u noun plural after consonant -ishi in (a suffixed postposition: burzum-ishi,"in the darkness")
-ob of (case suffix) -ub- verb future tense suffix
-ug verb present active participle -uga verb past passive participle
-uuk (-ûk) all -ul them
-um -ness, -yness (n) -uur for (case suffix)
-uurz a common adjective-forming suffix -z noun plural after vowel
a- prefixed to an interrogative makes itinto a relative

Extrapolated words
gunduurz stony, rocky, rough (adj) duguurz filthy, dirty (adj)
shara-hai mankind (n) globuurz foolish, silly (adj)
bagronk-ishi ill, dying (literally 'in the dung-pit') snaguurz fawning, groveling (adj)