Jha! Irekei aht fir'khanim

Shadowclan will be returning to Shadowbane for the Loreplay server, once again taking to the sands as an Irekei Virakt.

As a guild, we are dedicated both to high-quality roleplaying, and to highly effective PVP. As a Shadowclan Irekei, you will be expected to take on the persona of one of the most dangerous, hated, and feared beings on the face of Aerynth, and roleplay that character fully. Our goal is to create a vibrant, immersive, lore-compliant, and deadly Irekei nation.

Every branch of Shadowclan offers open membership: If you would like to play with Shadowclan, simply make a new character compatible with our guidelines, print out a copy of the language, and find a member to invite you. We do not consider pre—existing characters for membership; your Shadowclan character (or characters) must be created specifically for Shadowclan. That way, you have the experience of developing your character from birth within the guild structure and environment, making that character more fully a part of the clan community.

About the Irekei

The Irekei are a race of desert warriors, made harsh by a harsh climate. Our unifying goal as a people is to reawaken the Dragon, Terror of Terrors, triggering the Great Burning which will rid Aerynth of all lesser peoples and create a paradise for those Irekei found to be worthy. The official information on the Irekei can be found here; to briefly sum up, Irekei are arrogant, xenophobic, unforgiving, aloof, and we worship the mightiest enemy of all the gods.

Interested? Feel free to post on our forums with any questions you have, or just to say "jha".