About Shadowclan

Shadowclan began in October 1997 when a handful of players in Ultima Online on the Great Lakes shard decided to take the place of the stupid AI monsters and provide a more intelligent enemy. They were the first Shadowclan Orcs, and lived out of a tent. From the beginning, they roleplayed and stayed in-character as orcs. Since those days Shadowclan has expanded to every major MMOG, always in keeping with the theme of immersive, conflict-oriented roleplay as an opposition or "evil" faction for the mainstream player to combat.

Why have over a thousand players been part of Shadowclan?

Fun for everyone — Key to being a Shadowclan member is having fun at what you are doing, without ruining the fun of others. We love to provide people with an enemy they enjoy fighting.

Combat — Player versus Player combat, as it fits within the context of the gameworld, is a key part of the Shadowclan experience.

Open Membership — Anyone is welcome to join Shadowclan with a new character that conforms to Shadowclan policies.

Alts encouraged — Having a Shadowclan character on the side can be a great way to unwind from the responsibilities of your main character in another guild.

Roleplay — Shadowclan members are required to be in-character at all times while in-game.

Quality and respect — Shadowclan members are expected to be mature, considerate members of the player community. We train our new members in the Shadowclan ways, and expect them to act appropriately.

Communal economy — All guild resources are shared on an as-needed basis. The guild provides gold, equipment, and other items as they become available, and all guild resources are expected to remain within the community.

Committed characters — While we have open membership, we expect characters in Shadowclan to join when their character is created and for that character to stay in Shadowclan until deleted. This promotes sharing and cooperation between members as they know that aiding their fellow members will be aiding the guild. Characters who leave Shadowclan after being inducted as full members are considered traitors, and are treated as permanent enemies.

Game Friendly — Our storyline and background blend in with game's storyline and background to the highest degree possible. We won't force other players to break character in order to match our own roleplay style. We follow the rules of the game. No cheating, bug exploiting, illegal 3rd party programs, or other violations of the game's Terms of Service are ever allowed.