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Character classes in Shadowclan are refered to as "Bludlines". Bludlines play a large role in Shadowclan, and thus selecting the appropriate Bludline for your character is very important. Take the time to read about each one, and integrate what you know about your selected Bludline into your roleplay.


Clomp'r (Warrior)

Orcs love to clomp. Thus the Clomp'r naturally forms the backbone of any group and Shadowclan itself. Clomp'rs are stronger and sturdier than any other bludline, and thus can wear the heaviest armors. A Clomp'r can use any type of melee weapon, most distance weapons, and defend with a shield. All of this allows the Clomp'r to excel at both clomping and being clomped, without being clomped flat.

Shaman (Shaman)

Shaman are the spiritual leaders of Shadowclan. They communicate with spirits, have visions of the future, and provide guidance through the darkest of times. With healing, support, and attack spells, the Shaman is the most versatile and most essential of the orc bludlines. Some Shaman even grow up to possess the strength to wear strong metal armors, and when wielding a womp and shield, can hold their own in a melee.

Sneek'r (Rogue)

Orcs learned from the Drae'nai that to move without being seen is a substantial advantage, regardless of whether one is the predator or the prey. The Sneek'r is the master of the shadows, using stealth, a quick blade, and an attack from behind to deal crippling and intense damage quickly. And with their lockpicking skills, they get away with the treasure too.

Hunt'r (Hunter)

Every litter has a runt, and some orcs just do not grow up strong enough to be a Clomp'r. A Hunt'r relies on striking the enemy from a distance and training (or tricking) beasts to do the clomping for him. A Hunt'r is a strategic fighter on the battlefield, and quite useful in locating the enemy with his tracking abilities.

Warlok (Warlock)

Despite the inherent dangers involved in tapping the chaotic magics of the Burning Legion, Shadowclan warloks channel these destructive energies for their own end. This most arcane of the Shadowclan bludlines summons powerful demon pets and uses infernal magics to aid the clan in its battles. With spells to drain, curse, or blast his enemies, and others to summon fellow orcs to the battle, a Warlok is a vital addition to any campaign.

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