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Frequently Asked Questions by Non-Members

Q: One of your members was acting inappropriately. Do you care?
A: Yes we care. Please get in touch with a clan leader and send in a report with enough detail so that the problem can be dealt with properly.

Q: I'm the leader of a horde guild on your server. Can our guilds be friends?
A: Shadowclan is inherently suspicious of anyone not in Shadowclan. A small degree of sustained tolerance could only develop after months of positive interaction and bribes.

Q: I'm not in a guild. Shadowclan seems like fun, can I hang out with you?
A: Shadowclan is fun. The best way to experience Shadowclan is as part of Shadowclan, so make an orc and join. In addition, keeping Shadowclan fun takes a lot of effort, so we prefer that people become part of Shadowclan and help keep it going instead of just tagging along.

Q: I like Shadowclan, but don't want to be an orc.
A: Orcs are very versatile. Give them a try.

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