Peon Face

Coming through the portal from Outland, all new members start as Peons. So don't forget your shovel, unless you want to be stuck picking flowers!

Remember to:

Contact Shadowclan in-game as soon as possible after character creation to join the clan. If there is a problem with your name, you will have to create a new character with an appropriate name. Also, you are supposed to join while you are still a low level character. If you are above level 10, you will have to explain why you were unable to join before then.

Why Join Shadowclan?

You play to have fun, right? Get more fun out of your time online. Shadowclan provides an immersive roleplaying experience, a large membership community, communal sharing of equipment and supplies, members committed to helping each other out, a strong desire for group combat, and a mature membership dedicated to having fun while not ruining the fun of others.

We are open membership, so joining is easy. Try out Shadowclan - hundreds have, and hundreds have loved it!

Here is how you join

  1. Read about what we expect of new members
  2. Select a character class
  3. Make an Orc with an appropriate name on the Ravenholdt server
  4. Log in and immediately type /who shadowclan to get a list of who is online. Send a message to one of them and inform them that you want to join the clan and need to be put in touch with an Orc who can check your name and skin color.
  5. Contact the Orc who can invite you. The Orc will also ask a few questions to make sure you know what is expected of you and that you know some basic orcish words.

That's it! Told you it was easy.

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