Gruntee Face


When speaking, keep things simple and to the point.

Emphasize letters O, U and K.

When confused, just say "Me nub gruk".

Don't forget to speak out loud to everyone when speaking, i.e. use "/say".

Feel free to use the in-game verbal commands, but only when appropriate.

Make the extra effort to ensure that what you are saying is going into the proper chat channel. If you do accidentally say something in the wrong chat channel, it is sometimes appropriate to follow it up with a simple "Uupz!" or "Bah!" to indicate that it is to be ignored.

Do's and Don'ts

Don't use smiley faces, use "Har!"

Don't use abbreviations like rofl. Spell out the whole word or phrase.

Don't use numerical symbols (1,5,20,etc).

Don't talk about things like levels, skill numbers, etc, except in a way that would be in-character for your character (i.e., learning more about something or getting stronger).

Shadowclan Orc Language Reference

World of Warcraft version

Basic Words

There are just a twelve basic words that all new members should learn. Fill in the gaps with misspelt English with a dark, guttural accent.

Ughello Gug'yegoodbye
Yubyes Nubno
Meme, myself, I Latyou
Hoowah!hoorah! Skah!*exclamation of contempt*
Har!ha ha Rulgthanks

Traditional Words

These are words and phrases commonly used by the Orcs of Warcraft

Throm'kahello (formal, respectful)
Dabuyes, with pleasure (obedient, respectful)
Zugzugyes, if I have to (obedient, respectful)
Lok'target ready, pay attention (and stop talking!)
Lok'tar Ogar!get ready for glorious battle

Good and Bad

Orcs enjoy teasing one another, as well as taunting the lesser races, but would never use human language to deliver an insult!

Bubhosh great, big Snaga slave
Nubhosh bad, small Buub pig
Pushdug stinky Glob fool

Sleeping and Waking

Even when you are apologizing for going linkdead in the middle of a fight, you can express it in an Orcish way rather than using human language. Surri, me blak'd owt agh nub kuld wayk ub!

Wayk ub log in Gu nap log out or afk
Mud lag Muddi experiencing lag
Blak owt go linkdead

Fighting Words

Klomp attack, kill Flat dead
Mojo magic, buffs Flesh resurrect
Krimp stun, root, snare, daze, etc. Lurnin experience
/em bleeds need healing Uzg land, world
Bait pull Blezd gain a level


Clomp'r warrior Shaman shaman
Sneek'r rogue Hunt'r Hunter
Warlok warlock Magi mage
Xoo druid Kwak priest
Tincan Paladin


Orc orc Olog troll
Kow tauren Nubded undead
Shara human Gazat dwarf
Snaak gnome Buurzalbai night elf
Gobo goblin

Weapons and Weapon Users

Lusk axe Womp hammer/club
K'igg spear Zult sword
O'lig bow Boomstik gun
Ligz arrows Boomrokz bullets
Blok shield Stik staff
Dub paw two-handed Boom bomb
Lusk'r axe-user Womp'r mace-user
Ligz'r bow-user Boomstik'r gun-user

Simply extrapolate the pattern for other types of weapon users.


An Orc may count to different degrees depending on why and how often the Orc needs to count. Those involved in trade may understand that ash'zuth is "ten", while others may count their hands HH, and others simply may not be able to count that high H!.

Zuth zero Hash or Blug six
Ash one Hdub or Udu seven
Dub two Hgakh or Tukh eight
Gakh three Hfuth or Krith nine
Futh four HH or Ash'Zuth ten
H or Krak five H or HHH, etc. many

Old Orc

Long ago, the ancient orcs of Draenor spoke a language that we now call Old Orcish. Although Old Orcish is no longer spoken, a few words remain in use today.

The following is all that is known about Old Orcish, and it is based entirely upon Tolkien's Black Speech.


agh and albai elf (or) elves (n)
amal where (relative) ash one
bagronk dung-pit (n) búbhosh great (adj)
bugd- call (v) burguul shadow ('burz + guul') (n)
burzum darkness (n) buub pig (n)
buurz dark (adj) dug filth (n)
durb- rule (v) durub ruler (n)
dush sorcery, magic (n) duump doom (v)
fauth- lie hidden (v) gaakh let it be that
gakh three gazat dwarf (n)
ghaash (ghâsh) fire (n) ghaashum heat (n)
gimb- find (v) glob fool (n)
goi city (n) golug elves (n)
goth lord, master (n) gund stone (n)
guul (gûl) wraith (n) hai folk (n)
hosh guts (n) ilid elf or elves (n)
krak five krimp- bind (v)
krith nine lat you
lata- under (prep) lug tower (n)
m- root of interogatives mal where? (interrog)
mat- die (v) matuurz mortal (adj)
mog voice (n) narkuu never
nazg ring (n) nuut sky (n)
olog Troll (n) prakh- lure (v)
pushdug stinking (adj or participle) ronk pool (n)
sha together with (prep) shakh lord (n)
shara man (n) sharkuu (sharkû) old man (n)
skai or skah exclamation of contempt snaga slave (also used by Uruk-hai as 'orc ofsmaller breed'
srinkh- gather (v) (transitive) ta him
tab his tak them
tala above thrak- bring (v)
throqu- devour (v) tug only (adv)
u to (prep) udu seven
uliima throne (n) uruk larger breed of orcs (n)
uzg land (n) za this
zagh mountain pass (n)


-at verb infinitive -hai people (collective plural)
-i or -u noun plural after consonant -ishi in (a suffixed postposition: burzum-ishi,"in the darkness")
-ob of (case suffix) -ub- verb future tense suffix
-ug verb present active participle -uga verb past passive participle
-uuk (-ûk) all -ul them
-um -ness, -yness (n) -uur for (case suffix)
-uurz a common adjective-forming suffix -z noun plural after vowel
a- prefixed to an interrogative makes itinto a relative

Extrapolated words

gunduurz stony, rocky, rough (adj) duguurz filthy, dirty (adj)
shara-hai mankind (n) globuurz foolish, silly (adj)
bagronk-ishi ill, dying (literally 'in the dung-pit') snaguurz fawning, groveling (adj)

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