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Male Shadowclan Orc

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Shadowclan Orc Skin Shade

Through the wonders of inbreeding and isolation, Shadowclan orcs all have the same skin shade. It is important that you select the correct shade during character creation in order to avoid having to remake your character.

Shadowclan Orc Skin Shade

There are 9 different Orc skin shades, and the Shadowclan shade is the darkish brownish shade. It should be easy to pick out, but if you are having trouble, find the most blue shade and then go 3 shades left or 6 shades right of that.

If a Shadowclan orc is unable to meet up with you when you first log in to double check your skin shade, there are two NPC orcs in the Valley of Trials (where your character starts) that have the correct shade - Galgar and Rarc. If your shade perfectly matches their shade, then you have the correct shade.

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