Welcome to the Shadowclan, Xev Website.


*Tautog smiles proudly as the clan continues to grow and strengthen*

Hoowah to Raynia, the NEW Clan Banker!!! and to Vothsisx who is now 2 battles away from his epic fists!! Clan tore right through Griegs End the other moon, Grieg's days are numbered. whenever in game, make sure to /join darkmoot to keep in touch with other roleplayers from difforent clans. and as always check mojoboards regularly, and keep your eyes open for potential clannies. HUSSSSAH SSSHADOWCLAN!

~~ Tautog

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KAEL RAID - November 8th at 5pm EST

On the next coming weekend, November 8th, Saturday we ssshall once again head into the city of Kael Drakkal to do battle with the Kromzek and Kromrif.

~~ Vothsisx

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November 1st Gathering

Many thanks to all who attended this clan meeting, many important issues were descussed, as well as new ideas and clany promotions

  •   Vothsisx has been promoted to Shadowlord.
  •   Qilue has taken on shikozu's tasks as captain.
  •   New system of advancing to brother/sister rank coming soon.
  •   All clannies should /autojoin darkmoot to blah with other roleplayers accross norrath.
  •   And as always, keep an eye out for potential new clannies


~~ Tautog




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